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IncGamers Plays Sniper Elite 3 Co-op – Part 2

sniper elite 3

The concluding part of Tim and Paul’s Sniper Elite 3 co-op sessions is here.

In this final part of the Gaberoun mission both Tim and myself take down more Germans with our super sniping skills. Will we make it out alive? Will Tim successfully stop the General escaping with some strategic mine placements? Watch the concluding part to find out and if you missed part one you can watch that here.

Sniper Elite 3 is released on 27 June and the pre-order DLC is still available with 20% off.

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  • Anbear

    The accidental hand grenade is a classic, happens to me at least once in every game with the damn things.

    Might have missed it from the video, but can you turn off all those hints and tagged targets? seeing the targets behind the wall is a bit much and remember having to check the map to find the targets in the previous game.

    Also, how does “focus time” work in multiplayer? Never noticed it, but I imagine the game would slow down for both players.

    • Paul Younger

      There’s a lot you can turn off to change the difficulty. I just never bothered before starting. As for hand grenades, I have a tendency to do it all the time no matter what the game 🙂

      If you mean the KillCam delay, that does not effect the other player. The KillCam length is actually a lot less in co-op than it is playing single player where you get all the gory anatomy shots.

    • Tim McDonald

      Yep, you can. There are three adjustable things in custom difficulty, and one of them is “Tactical Assistance”. It’s not finely customisable, but it pretty much gives you the choice between “everything on”, “a few things on”, and “everything off”.

      For comparison’s sake: playing on Authentic (the highest non-custom difficulty) turns off your health bar, your minimap, the ability to tag targets so that they show through walls, the red diamond that shows where bullets will hit… and basically everything else that provides unrealistic assistance. On lower difficulties you can get by however you like, but if you’re not being very slow and very careful, I can’t imagine you’ll last long on Authentic.

      I don’t think focus time actually slows the game down at all in multiplayer, but it does still give you the magic aiming diamond if you have that turned on. When I played multiplayer on Authentic difficulty, it didn’t really appear to do very much barring steady the aim. If you’re using a rifle with a lot of scope wobble, though, that’s pretty damn useful by itself.

  • Anbear

    Sounds good.
    Did some of sniper elite2 on hardest difficulty, but the infrequent checkpoints made dying rather tedious on some maps.