IncGamers Plays Titanfall

titanfall pc beta (10)

Separately, the IncGamers crew spent a fair amount of time playing the Titanfall beta this weekend. You can probably tell, because Peter and I had a nice long discussion about it over here, and we also talked about it on the podcast.

Last night, though, we also hopped in to play Titanfall together. It was a hilarious catastrophe. If you want to have a look at Peter, Paul and I getting shot in all sections of Angel City, on all game modes, while continually hoping that maybe we’ll get into the other map in our next game, have a gander at the two videos below. Yes, two videos: both Paul and I recorded it, so you can watch the carnage from either of our viewpoints! The future of technology, right here.

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  • Sparky Lawrence

    Hey fellas, I really like your website and found the video highly entertaining but as well as owning a PC I also own an Xbox One so I find the anti-Xbox sentiment a little bit alienating. I understand that perhaps you’re just aiming for harmless banter but after you say it once in the video it doesn’t need to be re-emphasised – unless you’re trying to dig at people who game on consoles as well as PC, that is.

    • Paul Younger

      You said it. Harmless banter 🙂

  • Sparky Lawrence

    I knew you’d say that, and you’d be right if you guys could only have left it at that after you made the remarks near the beginning of the video. I was able to take those remarks as being quite banter-like but then guess what you all went and did at the end? That’s when you crossed over the line from talking banter and I, for one, found it alienating and I sincerely hope you see this feedback for what it is. Keep up the good work though because apart from the topic just under discussion you guys run a great website.

    • Paul Younger

      Always take feedback onboard so thanks 🙂