IncGamers returns to its roots and goes exclusively PC

When we first started the site, (and it’s come under various names since 1997 for numerous reasons), we were firmly focused on PC coverage. IncGamers spawned from an idea I had back in 1994 with a videogame cafe, and Elly also got to work on building the IncGamers communities around the same time (Read more about it here). To put it simply, we were focused on catering to an audience that shared the same gaming interests as ourselves.

Around five years ago we expanded into console coverage, the market was booming and exciting things were happening after the launch of the PS3 and 360. Since then we have been providing content on all platforms, but a few months ago I realised that consoles, while mass market, were just not floating my boat. PC was making a comeback with more interesting titles appearing once again, in-part due to the rise of crowd funding and the penetrations of delivery platforms such as Steam.

So here we are, we’ve gone full circle and we’re back to our roots. So what does that mean for you the reader? You will still be able to dive into top-notch news coverage, PC articles, industry editorials, reviews, previews, and we’ll be able to continue focusing on catering to our communities and the games they like to play

It’s an exciting time for the IncGamers.com site and the IncGamers communities. Thanks to everyone for your support and comments here on the site, keep the feedback coming, here and in our communities.

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  • celleron

    In a word….GOOD

  • Jack Pott

    I like the new layout very much. Clean and uncluttered. I always got a sense that most of you guys were old school pc gamers at heart ;p

    • Peter Parrish

      We didn’t hide that too well, huh? 😉

  • Alindar

    Why? PC is dying!


  • cometinspace

    Interesting… have you not seen the graph that clearly shows how PC gaming always experiences a jump in popularity when a generation of consoles gets old, and PCs that are better than current consoles can be bought fairly cheap.

    Then what happens? New consoles come out and PC suffers another devastating drop in popularity. Good luck for when the next Xbox and PlayStation are released…