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Is this new leaked GTA V PC footage? You decide.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V PC)

The GTA V PC saga continues today with a new video that’s mysteriously appeared on Youtube claiming to be recording of the PC version.

Update: The video has been removed, thanks to a Take 2 copyright claim. In the current YouTube climate that doesn’t mean a whole lot (after all, if did show footage of Grand Theft Auto V, PC or not.) Rest of the original story follows …

Update 2: Reader spepple found a duplicated version which is now below until it gets taken down.

Update 3: Right, I’ve replaced it with a Playwire version to see if that stays up longer. The down side is it’ll probably play an advert at you, which is a bit rubbish when the video itself is only about 60 seconds long. On the other hand, it might survive because it’s not on YouTube.

We’ve been down this road before with leaked screenshots and investigations into the console code. Now we all know that it will be coming at some point, even the Grand Theft Auto V PC petition is sporting more that 653,000 signatures now which should be enough to convince Rockstar it’s worth it.

Out of the blue comes a new piece of video footage which could be legitimate based on the fact the options screen is shown with all kinds of PC graphics settings. Some comments say it’s a fake because of the way the mouse moves but it’s not inconceivable a controller is being used to test.

The video quality is really poor, it was probably snapped quickly on a phone if it is legitimate, but make your own minds up by giving it a watch.

Update: We discuss this video in this week’s podcast.

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  • facu

    I think is safe but we getting closer to PC version. And is amazing that now the media is starting to talk more and more about the pc version.
    Make apodcast about V for PC, please!

  • Brian

    If this is real it would surprise me. The mouse movement in the menu is extremely slow and the camera movement is smooth and slow and not quick and precise like mouse control would normally be.

    • Bank

      He’s probably playing w/ a controller. That’s what I did for GTA IV. I don’t know about the mouse movement, I’m hoping it’s real.

    • bob

      I think it could possibly be real. For 1 there is no graphics settings on consoles that indepth, 2nd the console version does not lag like that. Lag got worse when setting were changed. Not to mention the screen tearing. If this is fake, someone really needs to start working for those paranormal hoaxers because I don’t know how someone could edit in the bits where the video settings are changed and textures, though video quality is extremely low, still look better than those on ps3. Sorry but I own the ps3 version and it does not lag like that anywhere lol..

    • Pete

      well gta iv had super slow mouse movement (not saying its real) ive seen them take down fakes before and the screen tear and stuff if its fake then who ever made this did a VERY VERY good job

  • [email protected]


  • juancho

    I think is fake but i hope im wrong

  • MulleDK19

    No. It’s absolutely fake. Read my comment on the video.

  • lol

    Video was taken down by Take Two – now, why would they do that if it’s fake?

  • spepple

    So it has. I wasn’t even gonna bother checking the video until I saw your comment!


  • Peter Parrish

    The thing is, pretty much everything on YouTube is subject to a copyright claim these days. Whether it showed GTA V on PC or not, it DID show GTA V – and that’s owned by Take Two.

  • spepple

    Found another link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfaGcXWtP7Q

    I think it’s the real deal ya know, the graphics are not shit for starters!
    The video might be lol. I think the menu might be lagging due to it streaming? who knows. You can notice the difference though, through the bad.

    • Peter Parrish

      Thanks, replaced the video link with that one 🙂

  • lol

    GTA 5 – 5,510,00 results. The only reason for a take down is to protect their own interests, whatever those might be. Maybe the video was real, or maybe it’s fake. But all this conjecture means nothing til it’s officially announced. Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

    • spepple

      Well, the video is spreading like a deadly virus now so Take Two are gonna have fun trying to catch up with all the take downs now lol.

      At the end of the video, check out the apartments on the left side of the road. Better Texture, it’s there! through the bad video!

  • lol

    spepple, look in the comments of that video you posted. Unfortunately, the video is indeed fake.

  • sorudo

    aaaaand, the video is gone…..

  • Peter Parrish

    Video replaced again! It’s on Playwire now, so it might survive? That also means it’ll do an advert before the footage, sorry about that.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    I read a comment and it said to check out this video from 1:40 onwards, so I did. Exact same part as the video from here before it got taken down. Maybe its just the same clip or part of the gameplay, not sure if GTAV has full procedurally generated world or not but meh, take as you wish :).


  • Pravin B

    this video is legitimate i am a beta tester for GTA V on pc and next gen and this is exactly the same game as i have on my pc.

    the game will require at least 512mb video memory to run well. As it shows in the video he clearly has 2GB video memory and is still experiencing lag, this is because the game still has 9 months of development and does not support GTA Online but it is able to be played locally. This game also only runs on Linux Platforms right now.

    • Jack

      Pravin your higher than the highest kites!

    • sid


    • sid

      That is fucking bullshit.

  • faaiz the gamer

    it’s not fake bcz u saw increasing graphics is only option in pc not in consol even xbox or playstation…………………….come on gta 5 i m waiting……………

  • yor

    Not sure if fake but it looks like real to me..

  • Megadave

    A good fake if one, even putting some screen tearing in to make it look like more frames than the screen rate.