Jay Wilson says Brevik interview comments were an “unfortunate accident”

Jay Wilson when not on Facebook

Just when you thought things were settling down over Jay Wilson’s comments over the the interview we carried out with the original Diablo creator David Brevik, more industry comments have surfaced.

First up, ex-Blizzard employee Mark Kern who is now at Red5 Studios posted his thoughts on the whole debacle yesterday on Twitter adding:

“Gotta say, that Jay Wilson, never having been at Blizzard for D1 and D2 and never having met Dave Brevik, has no place to say what he did.”

“Dave Brevik created 2 genre-busting, award winning, world-loved Diablo games. Jay Wilson has done ____ with Diablo 3. Fill in the blanks.”

“Blizzard arrogance has reached new heights,”

Mark certainly likes to speak his mind I think you’ll agree.

Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer looked like was going to add his thoughts but refused to be drawn into the controversy on the Runic Games forums adding:

“I bet you all want me to comment on this, right?


Max is no stranger to speaking his mind but this time he’s firmly keeping quiet about it, for now at least.

Finally in an interview with Jay Wilson on Taiwanese game site Gamebase, they asked Jay Wilson about the incident just to make sure the facebook comments were actually his. He had the balls to at least admit that they were his comments despite trying to cover it up on the day.

 “That… is indeed my own message. We originally thought that was a private, non-public discussion thread, not something we wish to announce to the public. This was an unfortunate accident.”

Unfortunate accident indeed, one that will no doubt haunt many of the team for some time to come. It was an incredibly stupid thing to have done, but if anything, it showed Blizzard’s real thoughts on critics of the game.

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  • Brandus911

    Respect your elders AND your superiors, pig.

  • FAT FUCK !

  • Xbrotha

    Jay Wilson needs to be fired. Just like any other employee would be for this.

    Facebook is not private buddy, if you dont know that.

    Then you should be fired as well, just for that remark.

  • UnregisteredUser

    So much for objective journalism…

    • Jack Pott

      It’s hard to suger coat “fuck that loser” it would be interesting to see someone attempt to spin it.

    • djstar

      How is it not? Reported here is the interview with Brevik, Wilson’s unfortunate comments, Gazillion’s response and Wilson’s reaction.

  • wuuhk

    As far as I can tell, Gamebase is a Taiwanese game site.
    Look at the ending .tw! And the language is clearly NOT Korean…

    • psyounger

      Whoops, yes my mistake there. Corrected, thanks.

  • EJ

    Its not objective because the way they paint each player. Breivik has no place criticizing another team on how they produced a game. Breivik left Blizzard by choice and decided against working with the license. No one brings up the fact that its nearly as unprofessional to come out in an article and state the shit he did. They paint him as a victim of an angry and arrogant developer who has no place saying what he did. Theres zero professionalism involved in the whole damn situation besides Max Schaefer. Funny thing is the Schaefers are the only ones who have moved on from Blizzard North and made something even remotely good OR successful. Why won’t anyone point out that Breivik’s interview is a call for attention, “LOOK WHAT I DID!” not “LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY BABY?!”

    • EJ

      On top of this the picture with Wilson smiling and captioned “Jay Wilson when not on Facebook” is pretty much the opposite of objective.

      • Ter

        Its not objective if your an ugly looking moron, thats just sadly what he is and there is no two ways around that.

    • psyounger

      He didn’t actually criticise the team. He simply said he would have done it differently. He is entitleg to comment on the game just like everyone else, and more so because the Diablo series was his creation. He obviously wanted to see the franchise go from strength to strength.

      The Schaefers and Brevik left the studio because of what was going on at Vivendi at the time, it was over business and structural reasons and by all accounts they had little choice and had to leave.

      No matter what Brevik said in the interview, Wilson should have never responded in the way he did, and I think Wilson realises it was a huge error of judgement.

      Brevik’s interview as not a cry for attention, it was something we asked him to comment on during our interview on Marvel Heroes. He would have been quite happy not to discuss it I am sure, but we wanted to find out his thoughts on the game because he is an authority on the franchise. We asked him before the interview was filmed to be honest and share his feelings which he did.

    • Ter

      He chose not to work with the company anymore as he didnt want to be part of the corrupt, the greed that is blizzard and its an admirable thing.

  • AAB3

    Currently writing a letter to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime. Also I will never even play for free a game Jay Wilson or Jill Harrington has anything to do with, don’t care if its the best game of all time.

  • Jack Pott

    Here’s another facebook comment from a Blizzard’s Leo Wakelin, Online Community Representative for Blizzard Entertainment

    “Haha this page is hilarious. You guys are really butthurt because of a facebook comment by a guy you never met, nor spoke with, about a guy you never met, who made a good video game once upon a time, and since has produced nothing but fecal matter yet makes scathing comments about another game you probably say you don’t like but play anyway?”


    • It seems like Blizzard is filled up with arrogancy

  • Ter

    Blizzards a fucking garbage company of money addled greed demons, their greed is just not human.