Jon Chey

July 18, 2013

Listen to our Jon Chey Talks Card Hunter interview

You’ve probably noticed our terrifyingly gargantuan interview with Jon Chey of Blue Manchu, which has dominated our content for the past couple of days. It’s interesting for oh-so-many reasons, even if you don’t know what…

Jon Chey talks Card Hunter: Part Two

Jon Chey talks Card Hunter: Part Two

Last time, Tim and Blue Manchu supremo Jon Chey discussed what led up to the creation of Card Hunter, as well is its inspirations and how those inspirations influenced it. As the last part ended,…

July 17, 2013

Jon Chey talks Card Hunter: Part One

Update: Don’t want to read through the whole interview? You can download the audio of it here. Jon Chey is my favourite sort of interview subject. He’s a truly fascinating man whose brain appears to…