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Jotun funded on Kickstarter


Jotun, the randomly-generated action-adventure that’s equal parts Legend of Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus, has hit its Kickstarter funding goal.

The gorgeous-looking 2D battler asked for $50,000 CAD and at the time of writing is sitting pretty on $52.5k, with 55 hours to go. As with every Kickstarter ever, though, this isn’t the end for Jotun – it’s got plenty of stretch goals, if you still feel like pitching in. At $60,000 a New Game + mode will be added along with Linux support; $80,000 adds two more jotun and their battlefields; $90,000 adds another pair of gods and their shrines; and $100,000 adds a fourth environment into Purgatory.

Jotun casts you as Thora, a Norse warrior who dies ingloriously and has to traverse Purgatory to prove herself to the gods and gain entrance to Valhalla. You’ll be exploring a randomly-generated environment, solving environmental puzzles, and trying to find runes that’ll let you summon jotun to battle. You have a two-handed axe, while jotun are gargantuan monsters several hundred times your size. You’re beginning to see where the Shadow of the Colossus comparisons come in, I think.

If you fancy backing it, you can still do so on the Kickstarter page. $15 will net you a copy of Jotun at launch, while backing at higher tiers will get you beta access, alpha access, and all sorts of other goodies.


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