Julian Gollop

April 8, 2014

Play Chaos Reborn’s preview build right now, for free

As the Chaos Reborn Kickstarter campaign moves towards its final week, the preview build of the game can now be accessed by anyone. This is (roughly) the same version of Julian Gollop’s (X-COM, Laser Squad…

April 4, 2014

Chaos Reborn Preview

The original Chaos was a game that sucked up huge amounts of my childhood. I probably should’ve been busy smoking or taking my first steps towards cultivating some kind of marketable skills, but instead I…

November 5, 2012

Julian Gollop outlines feature list for Chaos remake

As you may have noticed on Friday, Julian Gollop has announced that he’s working on a remake/sequel to the rather excellent ZX Spectrum title Chaos (from all the way back in 1985). That twitter-centric reveal…