November 6, 2012

Divine Space releases high concept essay as press release

Let’s open this news post up with the admission that I really have no idea what Divine Space is about. The Kickstarter page suggests it’ll be a “3D action role-playing game and adventure” based in hard…

November 2, 2012

Project Gorgon MMORPG Kickstarter goes for final push

The indie MMORPG Project Gorgon, which is attempting to raise $55.000 to improve the game’s art, is just over a day away from the Kickstarter project completion date. Currently the project has raised $13,884 and it’s…

November 1, 2012

Sequel to The Ship needs a Kickstarter to help cast off

Sequel to The Ship needs a Kickstarter to help cast off

Blazing Griffin want to make a steampunk-themed, alternative reality sequel to The Ship. If you’ll turn your memory dials back a little way, you will recall that The Ship started life as a Half-Life mod…

October 31, 2012

Casual Brothers unleash farting Orcs on Kickstarter

Casual Brothers unleash farting Orcs on Kickstarter

It hasn’t taken long for games to pop up on the newly-launched UK version of Kickstarter. What you may not have anticipated is for one of the first to feature farting Orcs. Yes, the Casual…

Kickstarter launches in the UK

One of the major drawbacks of Kickstarter was the fact that you had to be a US based company to benefit from the crowd funding service. The good news for UK developers is that Kickstarter…

October 30, 2012

Refract Studios shares pre-alpha footage of Distance

Refract Studios, the people behind Nitronic Rush, are working on a new racing title called Distance. There’s a Kickstarter underway at present that has around 16 days to run and another $75,000 USD  to scoop…

October 25, 2012

Star Citizen reaches funding goal of $2 million USD

Yesterday, Chris Roberts’ proposed space sim for the PC raised $500,000 USD through its recently-launched Kickstarter campaign. As I wrote at the time, this Kickstarter is a little unusual as it was supplemental to a…

IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast #88

The podcast team returns from an extended summer break, ready to delve into a deluge of Kickstarter projects that have dominated the news cycle of late. From the dizzying highs of Obsidian’sProject Eternity, to the…

October 19, 2012

Development problems leave Haunts in Kickstarter limbo

Development problems leave Haunts in Kickstarter limbo

Haunts: The Manse Macabre was successfully Kickstarted back in July, raising $28,000 USD in development funds. The game is a turn-based strategy title, pitting the (often supernatural) inhabitants of an infamous Manse against investigative forces…