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L.A Noire blooper reel surfaces with impressive facial animation

If there was one aspect of L.A Noire that stood out  it was the facial animation technology which was created by Australian company Depth Analysis. While the faces looked great in L.A Noire, sometimes it made the rest of the game look rather wooden, which is the exact opposite of most games.

A couple of days ago Depth Analysis released what can best be described as a blooper reel of L.A Noire footage, and assuming none of this has been tampered with by animators, it demonstrates how good the facial animation actually was.

Source: Reddit

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  • djstar

    This still impresses the hell out of me.

    • max

      I thought it tracked their faces only but it tracks their bodies too by what I can see in the video.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Lol this made me laugh, do wish they did a GTA of this or even better…Rush Hour lol!

  • wow, if we are this far in technology then why are 90% of all the games still using old fashioned sound recognize tech, this really shows how far a game can push true facial expression.

  • Otto Martikainen

    Really impressive tech, but when animation is this fluid texturing and models of characters stand out as lacking detail. I wonder how much this technique costs. Is it really viable solution in games not costing 50 million in USD?

  • Progress_Now

    lmao this is just awesome!!! never seen something like this before!!