League of Legends

February 25, 2015

League of Legends patch 5.4 notes and Bard revealed

A couple League of Legends updates including a new mystical trampy sounding Champion called Bard. Described by RIOT as a “celestial vagabond”, the Bard is a mysterious fellow who maintains the cosmic equilibrium of Runeterra. He’s a…

February 3, 2015

League of Legends RP and IP exploit being fixed by RIOT

RIOT are sorting dodgy store access after exploit was discovered by the community. Spotted by reddit users, it was discovered that that the League of Legends store could be accessed via web browser which opened…

December 10, 2014

League of Legends 4.21 patch notes bring many tweaks

There’s more pre-a season changes than usual so there’s a lot to digest. This year RIOT has made many changes with the League of Legends pre-season patch which they say is down to the fac they…

November 19, 2014

League of Legends updated Summoner’s Rift now live

After a period of testing RIOT opens up the new version for all League of Legends game modes. The new League of Legends Summoner’s Rift map is now active for Ranked, Normal and Custom queues as it’s…

November 5, 2014

League of Legends patch 4.19 notes arrive

The latest notes from the League of Legends team have landed as the 2014 season winds down. These notes are not packed full of Champion changes but there are a few to note. RIOT appear to…

November 1, 2014

A Dota 2 player tries League of Legends

Let’s get one thing straight: I haven’t given up on Dota 2. In terms of MOBAs, I still identify as a Dota 2 player. It’s just become a little overfamiliar and a little frustrating (please…

October 10, 2014

League of Legends 4.18 patch notes introduce Sion

The next League of Legends patch is here and it’s less about balancing and more about bugs. Once again RIOT has decided not to make major balancing changes in the 4.18 update but it does…

September 16, 2014

League of Legends Champion Spotlight reveals Azir

League of Legends Champion Spotlight reveals Azir

Riot have put their spotlight on a forthcoming League of Legends Champion: Azir, Emperor of the Sands. Azir is a mid-lane mage with a focus on summoning and controlling an army of sand soldiers, which…