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Let’s play a Total War Rome 2 campaign with the devs

Time for some Total War Rome 2 action this afternoon with a new video from Creative Assembly featuring Trish Ryniak and Campaign Designer Dom Starr. In the video they discuss factions, diplomacy and the rather great looking  campaign map.

The footage also comes with look at an in-progress campaign as Carthage and the diplomatic, and not so diplomatic, relations that have been forged in the campaign.

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  • CG

    Game looks great. Excited for the various factions, domestic and foreign, as well the economic improvements. Battle scenes are great too.

    Starr did a great job showing off some of the new non-battle features and explaining the mechanics of choosing one decision over another. I believe Ryniak was a bit unnecessary, as Starr did all the interviewing himself.

    If I had some advice for Ryniak: prepare questions that are receptive to the community. If you want to sell a product, you analyze your audience and sell it to them. Developers do read what the community is up to, but it’s not their full time job as they are too busy making an awesome game. So that’s why a community coordinator needs to do these things and sell Rome 2 for what it truly is.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    I like how they’ve separated out some factions into minior parties e.g. Carthage, yet Greeks have their own factions as they pretty much did in history, Spartans what is your profession!.