Lords of Football

July 8, 2013

Get medieval: Lords of Football adds SUPER TRAINING

If, like me, you think footballers need to be tortured a bit more in their day-to-day routine, then Lords of Football‘s “super training” DLC is for you. This DLC pack adds in 16 new medieval-themed…

May 9, 2013

Alex Ferguson retires to Lords of Football

Dry those eyes, Manchester United fans, Alex Ferguson will live on in Lords of Football. The player-centered football management title has just issued an update to the game which will allow players to change the…

April 16, 2013

Lords of Football Review

My star striker is a fat alcoholic, I’ve got a kleptomaniac defensive midfielder called ‘The Mummy’ and in my last match I was denied a winning goal by a ‘keeper called ‘The Flying Viking.’ Welcome…