Lords of the Fallen

March 3, 2015

Lords of the Fallen’s Ancient Labyrinth opens

The Ancient Labyrinth DLC for Lords of the Fallen, offering a new area to explore, has been released. As you might expect from the name, the Ancient Labyrinth DLC lets you explore the Ancient Labyrinth…

January 8, 2015

Lords of the Fallen digital soundtrack added for free

CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen has received a large update today, which… appears to add the game’s soundtrack as an extra. The 500MB update currently has no associated patch notes or press release that…

December 3, 2014

Denuvo DRM has been cracked

The Denuvo piracy protection system has been unravelled by hackers after two weeks of work. Denuvo is the latest piracy protection to hit the world of PC gaming and it’s done a reasonable job with…

November 4, 2014

Lords of the Fallen patch 1.2 addresses APEX DLL issue

CI Games has released a new Lords of the Fallen patch (1.2) for the PC version of the game, which claims to address something called the “APEX DLL issue”. That’s apparently something to do with…

Lords of the Fallen Review

Lords of the Fallen Review

Successful innovators tend to be emulated. For a time, every shooter released after Doom was a ‘Doom clone.’ Some of them deserved that name. Others were fine games in their own right. Once there were…

October 27, 2014

Lords of the Fallen pre-load now available on Steam

If you already purchased Lords of the Fallen or plan on doing so before tomorrow’s launch, then you’ll now be able to pre-load the game on Steam. The availability of the pre-load is confirmed in…

August 20, 2013

Hammertime: Lords of the Fallen gets cinematic trailer

Hammertime: Lords of the Fallen gets cinematic trailer

I hadn’t heard of Lords of the Fallen before now (which indicates that I don’t read anything Peter writes) but I’ll be paying attention to it in future. After all, it’s not every day you…