Lots of new screens for The Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax has let slip quite a few new screens for upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. 

Whereas previous screens have looked like a crossover between World of Warcraft and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, these latest images at least look like a cross between an Elder Scrolls game and World of Warcraft. 

Basically, the environments look like they belong in an Elder Scrolls game, but the enemies are very World of Warcraft. Being like World of Warcraft in 2012 is not a good thing.

Seriously, if this doesn’t play at least a little like an Elder Scrolls game… I’m going to be extremely disappointed. Angry even.


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  • Raimo Kangasniemi

    Being like World of Warcraft in 2012 seems to be working for the massively over-hyped GW2.

    • RogenJosh

      all MMOs are over-hyped, it’s the only way to build up the player base to a point where it makes the game seem like a worthwhile release before the inevitable massive dropout of numbers after the first month once players come to the realisation that it’s the same old crap with seen (and got bored with) years ago.

      • Jack Pott

        And they all fail to live up to their hype so there is inevitably an outpouring or disappointment which gives the impression the game has failed. It could be a pretty good game just not fucking earth-shattering as the pre-release hype would have us believe.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    I just can’t see why the demand for Skyrim to be made with a co-op add-on hasn’t taken place yet. I’m bored of like Aion and Tera (Tera more bearable but crafting is a killer), Koreans got a couple of innovations I’d like to try like Lineage Eternal but it’s lightyears away before they hit our shores.