Majority of suspected Loadout hackers are just good players says Edge of Reality


Loadout launched last Friday and there’s been an influx of new players to Edge of Reality’s fast paced shooter. With new players joining the carnage for the first time there’s been concern by some players of hackers infiltrating the arenas.

Loadout is what you might call a more traditional shooter and the game mechanics are very different to other shooters such as Battlefield or COD. Some players have raised concern over hackers getting one-shot kills but it appears the problem is being exaggerated and so-called hackers are just players that are extremely good at these types of arena shooters having played more traditional FPS games.

Edge of reality responded to concerns this evening adding:

“The number of players using hacks is vastly overstated. There are a number of extremely good players that I’ve encountered and had dialog about their gaming roots. I’ve consistently, and this is what the devs expected, received feedback that some of the players with a history in Arena shooters are mopping the floor right now.

Hackers/Cheaters are being dealt with swiftly on a day-to-day basis. If you want to contribute to the policing of suspected hackers in our game, please submit F7 reports and select “Abuse” to flag a player you think is hacking.”

Having played the game for quite a few days now I have to agree with EOR, the game plays more like Quake or UT and if you’re not used to that then it’s going to be a tough playing against really experienced players. There’s lots of new players all trying to level up so experienced players are going to be pitted against less experienced players when starting out.

If you suspect anything while playing then take their advice and hit that F7 key.

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  • facepalm

    That’s what all the developers say. They need to face facts there are hackers using hp hacks playing their game and no amount of screenshoting will ever provide them enough evidence.

    They also need to fix their xp curve which they ruined to support their micro-transactions.

  • Finite

    I haven’t encountered any hackers as far as I can tell. Sometimes I play horribly and sometimes I was better than I would normally would.

    I do know the sting of being wrongly accused as a hacker, though. Just several weeks ago I started playing Far Cry 3’s mp and I encountered a massive lag spike where I moved faster than the other for several seconds. One player just wouldn’t accept his deaths in my seemingly “hack-ey” hands so he accused me as one and told everyone to start recording the next session. In later sessions I was the one who got heavily-affected by the lag that I would just empty my magazines to no avail. The player from before kept performing the kill sequences on my avatar at the end of each sessions.

    That was the last time I played FC3 mp.