Marvel Heroes Beta Key Giveaway


IncGamers has teamed up with Gazillion for Marvel Heroes giving you the chance to take part in the beta test between Friday April 19th until Sunday April 21st.

Marvel Heroes is the upcoming ARPG from David Brevik, one of the creators of Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, where you will be able to play as your favourite Marvel characters. If you want to know more then check out our hands-on preview of the game.

Update: Our priority access period for PALs has come to an end so all remaining keys are now available for registered members.


All Keys are gone!


Once you have acquired your key follow these instructions.

  1. Register an account on MarvelHeroes.com
  2. After registration, click REDEEM KEY in the Account Management page.
  3. Enter the key *exactly as shown* (including hyphens) and no space before or after.
  4. Once you see the message key redeemed successfully click HERE to download the game client. Remember: While you will be able to install the game, you won’t be able to access the game until 4/13/13. If you encounter any problems, please contact [email protected]

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  • Gosukusan

    I’m an Incgamers site pal. Why can’t I claim a key?

  • Rushster

    Gosukusan, give it a try now. I just checked your account was flagged right but there was a problem. it should be resolved now.

    • yukimasahiko

      i am a member and it is telling my key is epired

  • Gosukusan

    Thanks, Rush. Working now, I appreciate the quick assistance 🙂

  • Eklips

    Can I get a Beta Key?

  • behir

    what if I don’t have paypal?

  • behir

    I changed my mind. I glanced over your site, and I would rather pay the $60 to gazillion for a beta key, than $2.50 for your beta key. My reasoning is that this site is not properly run. I understand full well your premium features business model, however if that’s the case then you need to be able to accept more than one method of payment. As a side note, claiming that advertising fees do not generate enough income, means that you need to charge more for advertising. Not charge your community. If your advertisers will not pay more, then you need to generate more traffic to the site in order to justify the increase in cost. A good example of this would be “From April 18-21, we are running a promotion with Gazillion. We expect a higher than normal traffic during those days, therefore we will be charging more for advertising on those days.” If Gazillion gives you beta keys to give away so they can stress test, then you need to give away those keys. Otherwise, if you charge for them, like you are, you are likely to burn your relationship with them and not be offered future promotions. More promotions means, more traffic. More traffic means your advertisers are paying more per day, and even more on premium days when you expect a rise in traffic. This is why I refuse to support your company. Failing businesses sometimes just need to have their funding cut off, and eventually do what they do best. Fail.

    • Rushster

      AS the site post says “priority access”. We look after our supporters as a priority as we like to give something back to all supporters.

      Perhaps you should enlighten yourself on websites business models by reading this excellent article….


      All supporters funds go back to the writers, it’s not stored up in some sort of business fund for operational purposes. More funds direct to writers means more content for readers and more cool site features and projects for readers.

      As for needing to give the keys away, we want everyone to get a key, and Gazillion are aware PALs get priority before the giveaway is even run. Also, this is not the only site looking after their supporters as a priority for this giveaway.

      We have lots of fantastic supporters that have been supporting the site for over a decade, it’s not something new, it’s always been a core part of this network.

      Do some research before pointing the finger, it always helps.

  • behir

    I saw the priority access. I understand the need to “look after supporters”, however you’re not going to gain any market share by excluding non-members. This post was originally made 3 days ago now, and you’re still waiting for supporters to decide if they want access or not. They’ve had their chance.

    I’m well aware of website business models. You’re running a combination of freemium, advertising (CPM rates presumably), and bait & hook. Pick one and stick with it. All the models work great alone, but conflict together. You were blessed with a better beta key weekend than ign was. Take advantage of it, rather than ward off new members. Or perhaps instead of more writers, try more advertising. I’ve never heard of your site until yesterday. It’s been over a decade, and users are still the financial lifeline business. Why would a user want to pay you, when they can get the same content for free somewhere else?

    If Gazillion agreed to that, then someone over in their promotions department needs to be fired. Letting another company capitalize off your own promotion, is not good business sense. If you’re not the only ones doing that, then they need to find better contacts, however justifying it with “we’re just doing what our competitors are doing” does not make it right either. In order to gain any of their market share, you need to rise above them. Not stoop down to their level.

    Do some research before running a business, it always helps.

    • Rushster

      Supporters are snapping up the keys.

      Read that article again carefully and work out the maths. It’s quite accurate. Ad blocking causes huge losses and so makes revenue from advertising a lot less effective than before so sites look for better revenue streams that directly support the site. No one model can ever fund the costs of running a large game network. That is sadly a reality.

      Again, think about the words “priority access”. At no point have we said that remaining keys will not be distributed. We want to make sure our dedicated supporters are well looked after over transient traffic.

      I don’t need to do the research, I have been selling advertising space for seven years 😉

  • Elsama

    My key isn’t working. 🙁

    • Rushster

      Elsama, check your message PM box on the site/forums. Details in there.

  • behir

    I absolutely agree that ad blocking has negatively impacted web based businesses. Just like piracy has affected the movie industry. You need to work passed it, and find another way. Maybe try coding the links within your website to the same coding that’s used for advertisements. Then users have to turn off ad blockers in order to see site content.

    I understand the words priority access. Now understand the words “market share”. The more you have, the more money you make. You should be taking my outrage as a sign of what the market is already telling you. What is your conversion rate of free users to paying supporters? Probably not very high, due to the initial impression of your site. As inflation rises you need to either get more supporters, find another revenue stream, or ask for larger donations. About 4% gross revenue/annum, is enough of a growth to keep up with inflation. Any less and you’re shrinking, and more is real growth. So if you gain 6% gross revenue, you actually only grew 2%. Eventually you need to grow to a point where you don’t need your supporters to stay afloat. You’re not only charging users to remove the ads, you’re advertising it on your forums that there’s a free alternative. If you are going to charge users, then like I said before, you need to accept more methods of payment. I absolutely would’ve impulse bought a beta key for $2.50. Then I started looking through your site and changed my mind.

    The fact that you didn’t just delete my original post and take this to e-mails is fairly un-professional and very inviting for trolls to see if they to can get a reaction from you.

    I don’t doubt that you’ve been selling advertising for 7 years. I’m not questioning the site’s ability to function, I’m questioning the sites ability to do well. Perhaps finding advertisements of stuff gamers actually care about would be a good start. I see you have netflix banners. Nothing wrong with netflix, but if pc gamers are as tech savvy as you claim them to be, and can find ad blocking software, then they know how to pirate everything on netflix and more. I see another banner for efax. When was the last time anyone sent a fax, let alone pc gamers? I also see a massive open space on both sides of the page. Lots of text advertisements can go there, or jpeg images with a text link underneath it. It’s also not just advertising that I’m bringing into question. Charging your community for free services is a fairly simple method of increasing revenue streams. The best decisions are not always the easy ones. However, if you’re going to do it, do it right and have more methods of payment.

    If you want a larger user base, then your entire staff needs to show that this is their passion. You need passionate salespeople so sell advertisements, writers that love giving their actual opinion rather than the opinion that the publishers push, bully, or pay you to have. A cold hard truth approach might not be a bad idea, rather than beat around the bush with journalism wording. I don’t think the majority of the pc gaming community understands your beat around the bush approach. Get on their level. Not as far as using l33t speak in your reviews, but at least give them a straight up opinion. If you’re not sure what the community wants, ask and then listen to what they have to say.

  • lillend

    My beta key didn’t work. 🙁

    • Rushster

      Lillend. Check your PMS on the site/forum. Hopefully my message will help 🙂

  • clampdown

    Got key and am enjoying so far. Thanks Rush 😀

  • Veisper

    My key isn’t working….

    • Peter Parrish

      I think the beta was a weekend one (19-21 April,) so that’s likely the reason.

  • arzjee

    Yep my key is not working also..

    • Peter Parrish

      As above: I believe it was a beta weekend, so the key would work between 19-21 April.