Mists of Pandaria expects significant boost from digital sales say analysts

A few days ago, reports of disappointing sales of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria from analysts Lazard Capital Market may have raised a few eyebrows  but Blizzard should not be concerned according to analysts Brean Murray, Carrett & Co.

With no digital sales figures having been made available as yet by Blizzard, Brean Murray are expecting the game to shift 4.5 million copies through digital and retail sales in the third quarter after initial sales of around 700,000 in the first week.

Blizzard are unlikely to release any sales numbers for at least a  month but it will be interesting to see how the game has performed in a space which has become more competitive since the last WoW expansion release.

Source: VentureBeat

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  • I’m becoming more of a fan of digital sales now but I do like to get some collector’s editions. I bought one for Diablo 3 which I’m really pleased with. I think for anything I’m not huge fan of though I would be happy with a virtual copy of it, I might buy a CE after playing the game.

    Still can’t bring myself to buy digital albums or books though. I like to collect them too much to be enticed.

  • SilentKilla

    I think this is a shame because WoW has long overdone their unneeded fornication with the population. Burp da shim wa doogly dick shoop.

  • Necromus

    What kind of idiot analyzes video game sales without taking digital sales into account in this day and age? Get with the times you incompetent analyzers!

    It will be interesting to see how sales of this compare to Guild Wars 2 and whether or not MOP keeps the players paying for a subscription a few months down the road though…