“MMOs have stagnated,” says The Secret World director/producer

MMOs, they’re usually set in a world of elves and goblins, feature clear cut levelling systems and send you on more collections quests than Charlie Sheen’s man-servant prior to a coke-fuelled bender.

Either that, or they’re superhero/villain based.

You could say that the genre has stagnated… at least that what Ragnar Tørnquist, creative director and senior producer on Funcom’s The Secret World would say.

In an interview with IncGamers, Tørnquist told us that the genre can attract more players but it must diversify in order to do so.

“I think the genre needs to diversify more and offer players something other than variations of the same fantasy worlds and the established roleplaying classes-and-levels,” said Tørnquist.

“That’s what we’ve been doing with The Secret World, and though players haven’t really flocked to our game yet, I really do think it’s the right approach, and the only way to attract new players to MMOs.”

Gaming analyst Michael Pachter told IncGamers back in July that MMOs are as big as they’re ever going to be and, rather than expanding the market, new releases in the space are simply taking players from World of Warcraft.

It’s an idea that Tørnquist and Pachter don’t see eye-to-eye on:

“I don’t agree that the genre can’t grow bigger, but it will require taking some chances and doing things differently. It has felt like MMOs have stagnated in recent years, but I hope and expect that to change.”

Read the full interview.

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  • in the mean time, GW2 is making his argument completely invalid since it doesn’t have a clear cut leveling system, elves and goblins and it doesn’t have collection quests. (well, unless you choose to go along with them)
    the reason why TSW doesn’t sell well is because the gameplay sucks, if the gameplay was actually fun to go for then yes, you would see more players play TSW.
    it’s also because everything is just the exact same thing as every other MMO, they claim to have no levels in the game but there clearly are.
    just because we don’t see a number beside the name doesn’t make it level less, it’s level less when you don’t have to hunt for points to improve something and you can’t get a level up.

    the game is hopeless anyway, when i saw the video’s before beta i was already losing interest, their demise shows my verdict.