Mojang’s second ‘Mojam’ is underway, and you can buy whatever games emerge


Minecraft developers Mojang have decided it’s time to slam-jam for the next three days, embarking on the second ‘Mojam.’ In short, small teams of Mojang staff will be designing a (hopefully) functioning game in just 72 hours. You can even watch live while they do it. It’s underway right now.

Mojang aren’t alone in this sticky little jamfest; fellow indie devs Wolfire, Vlambeer and others will be joining them as well. And given that Wolfire are involved, you’d better believe that there’s a Humble Bundle tie-in.

Over at the Humble site, you can donate money to charity in return for receiving whatever delicious gaming fruits emerge from this brief tree of creativity. It’s like a normal Humble Bundle, but for prototypes.

What kind of games will be made? I have no idea, but the Mojam 2013 announcement suggests that the leading community word suggestions include “Nuclear,” “kittens,” “French” and “Endless.” So now seems as good a chance as any to get that game about Atomic Kitten being trapped forever in Paris.

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  • CG

    Eh I’ll wait till they are revealed. Not much faith in Mojang to do good, especially seeing the FLOSS C++ implementation of Minetest complete more development in a year than Mojang has in a couple for Minecraft. Not to say that spitefully, as I enjoyed the game, just not their slow development process.