Namco Bandai won’t confirm a Dark Souls 2 PC release date of 25 April

dark souls 2

Fake, or leaked early?

An image is doing the rounds showing a Dark Souls 2 PC Collector’s Edition with a release date of 25 April. Sites are reporting it in conjunction with information that sounds as though it’s from an official press release (details about 60fps and resolutions “four times higher” than that of consoles.)

We haven’t been sent, or seen, such a press release, and when asked whether 25 April is actually the PC release date Namco Bandai America’s twitter account responded with the following:

Note that this isn’t a denial of the release date, just a statement that Namco hasn’t officially announced it yet. That doesn’t rule out a leak, or a press release being accidentally issued and then retracted. All the company will say is that more info is coming “soon,” a line they’ve been sticking to for the past few weeks.

If the Dark Souls 2 PC release date is indeed 25 April, that would place it around six weeks after the console release of 11 March.

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  • Rushster

    And so the mystery continues! Sounds like we could be getting close though.

  • Ms.Pac Man

    Bah, go play pac-man until it comes out. It’s super challenging and will give you weeks of entertainment for the whole family.

  • BeeWise

    Okay, so here’s the thing. Video games in America, typically (not always, but most of the time) release on Tuesdays. April 25 is a Friday, so there’s a pretty low chance the game will release on that date. Maybe if it said April 22 or 29, I’d be more inclined to believe it.

    • Tim McDonald

      In Europe (or at least, in the UK) game releases are usually Fridays. If this was leaked/released by/stolen from the Europe offices, that’d explain the date.

  • Tho it might be March 25th as that falls on the usual Tuesday that games in NA launch as well as be about 2 weeks after the console release sooooo here is hoping.