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New Elite Dangerous video diary explains cockpit and HUD design

Elite Dangerous

A new video developer diary for Elite Dangerous has been released in which Frontier’s Art Director Chris Gregory explains how they’ve used a team of artists and animators to design elements of the HUD and cockpit.

These design concepts were added to the sequences we saw in the Capital ship battle video, and as Chris explains, it saves development time by testing the ideas that have not yet been added to the game engine.

The lighting and holographic images on the HUD do look tasty, and the radar system does take you back to the good old days of the original games. Happy days.

Even though Elite Dangerous may not be getting the funding and support that we’ve seen for Star Citizen, it’s so far raised £2,013,785 as of writing, this is definitely a game to keep a close eye on. It’s an Elite game after all.

Interested parties can still chip in and back the game via the official site. Now watch the video…

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  • Chris Roberts

    I have to say that this game looks amazing. I was a little hesitent on it’s development since they have been relatively tight lipped, but after seeing this I am getting really excited. Turns out their design discussion archives have entire lists of game mechanics. With over 400 billion star systems (1:1 scale of the Milky Way), I doubt we will explore more than 10% of all the goodies in our life times.

  • David Braben

    Thank-you for those sentiments Chris and thanks for backing us.

    For a while things were touch and go. We had to redesign a few key features. And the DDF was very passionate to consider all options in improving gameplay.

    I know you guys at imperium have met challenges of your own. But hopefully we will both bring back space Sims with our respective collaborations to the genre. Being that both our companies are the only ones doing AAA titles for the foreseeable future.

    Now if only Volition got onboard for the trifecta wouldn’t things be as the good old days.

  • Chris Roberts

    Indeed, that would be very interesting. And you’re very welcome, David. However, I must say that part of me regrets my decision to back Elite at the level I did. I recently had to delay Star Citizen’s Dogfighting Module because I’ve been playing it so much.

    With that said, it was definitely a very good idea to incorporate the community into critical design decisions the way you did. It will be a better game for it, and distributors like Steam will fall all over themselves to get it on their systems.

    Perhaps one day we shall directly collaborate together and create Elite Citizen.

    P.S. My wife saw the joke you linked to my Facebook. She was not amused.