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New GTA V gameplay trailer sheds no light on PC version, but job posting does

Here at IncGamers, we joke a lot about the fact that Rockstar don’t have the balls announce a PC version of GTA V.

What we do know is that Rockstar will be milking the console versions for all it’s worth and no PC version will launch on release day. In fact, it probably won’t appear for another year, if they decide to release it. Oh, those wacky funsters at Rockstar! They do make us laugh.

Anyway: because we know the game would be so much better on PC than on console, you can watch this new gameplay trailer which features sub-standard visuals. Just imagine how great it would be if this footage was from a PC version.

In related news, RockstarWatch spotted a Rockstar job posting  in which they are looking for a:

“…talented graphics programmer to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform. Working together with the other Rockstar studios, you will be responsible for maintaining the studio’s uncompromising quality bar, delivering the highest quality PC experience possible.”

What does this tell us? GTA V is likely coming to PC. No shit, Sherlock.

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  • sorudo

    it does look good but as i always say, only subborn ppl make games without a female lead.

  • CG

    Looks great. Just hoping for that (proper) PC version and I’ll be happy.

    @sorudo I don’t understand why a female lead is necessary. And honestly I prefer a male lead, as the alternative just.. how do I say this.. complicates things more than necessary.

  • Poop

    If its gonna come out on PC one year after PS3 release, i will do what any other sane gamer did with gta4 – download it! (i was stupid enough to purchase it! Waste of money! Slightly outdated graphics! and completely spoilt storyline!)

    • irony

      @poop you do realise that people like you are the reason for the trend away from the PC gaming industry (from a developers point of view), don’t you?

    • John

      You’re retarded. Rockstar don’t owe you anything. They released GTA V on the consoles first because the Xbox 360 and PS3 are both vehicles to the largest segment of their audience.

  • HAL

    he wrote HE HAS PURCHASED GAME ?!? so did I (PC) to be honest and I don’t regret cuz IV was great, and now what I have … 1 year of waiting <- THIS makes Your "trend" too :/

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Can’t wait for GTAV to come out on PC, so much more different than other GTA’s by the looks of it. I think I won’t like the family or the personal story of each character, just rather the heists and other gameplay features.

  • Truth

    Rockstar seems to have a large focus on offering the exact same experience across all platforms. this is why i believe no pc version will ever arise. I honestly hope it doesn’t; these decisions are what give the current gen consoles some life. People seem to have some sort of presumption that a pc version will DEFINITELY come in a year or so, with no proof whatsoever. Rockstar could be hiring to bring table tennis to pc. I hope they adopt the same tactics they did with Red Dead Redemption.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      “Rockstar seems to have a large focus on offering the exact same experience across all platforms.” To me that means that fans regardless of platform should be able to play this game :D. If for example, they did a poll I guess they’ll find out, heck they could also dare I say it, Kickstarter the development of the PC version to show at least some form of fanbase through pre-order size (not the best way to measure I know but better than nothing).

      Also GTA 4’s mods make GTA 5 for the PC worth fighting for, it creates a circle and keeps the game going until the next series, build communities about their game, which they no doubt want and most likly makes them more ROI. I can’t see why a developer would destroy fansbases rather than enhance them due to poor choiced marketing descisions with out really looking into it and offering some form of support.

      • DavidTheSlayer

        To add, I don’t think PC Gamers ask for something special in their version of GTAV, just a version made for PC as it is for consoles that’s not a port.

    • Tim McDonald

      If it doesn’t, this would be the first main-series GTA game not to hit PC. Ever since GTA3 we’re used to waiting awhile for our version to be announced, but it always pops along in the end. You’re right that there’s no definitive proof, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it. GTA4 PC wasn’t announced until four months after the console version came out. LA Noire PC wasn’t announced until a month after the console version came out. Etc, etc.

      As for Red Dead Redemption, it’s generally assumed that never hit PC because the code is such a nightmarish mess. Rockstar stated that it didn’t hit PC because it wasn’t “viable”, expanding on that to say that could mean “technically, developmentally, and business-wise”. Factor that in with the known problems with the code and chances are that it would’ve just taken too long and been far too hard to get it running on PCs. I rather doubt that was a “tactical” decision.

  • Trevy

    Why would I bother buy it after a full year. I would preorder it now but guess what I am gonna watch it played on twitch or youtube and get damn bored of it so won’t waste my ti9me and since WatchDog is coming I will spend my hard earned money on that and enjoy my Christmas WOOT!! by GTA probably a nail in the coffin for PC money for the franchise. Big blow to the mod community..

  • Jon


    you are a complete PC fanboy moron. you say RedDeadRedemption on PC is a much better expirience on PC than consoles. its NOT even on PC. all you got is a console emulated version. so its exactly the same.because it a console version you dipshit.lol l like how you idiots say how amazing GTAV looks. and how gorgeous it is. and say it must be a PC version. because console cant run that. then Rockstar ANNOUNCE it was all ingame footage from consoles. then you are all like. well its not that great. it will look amazing on PC. make your minds up fanboys. you admitted it looked gorgeous. now you know its not a PC version your like ah its ok. you idiots make me laugh.lol