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New Watch Dogs trailer makes us want to play it even more

Watch Dogs

I really, really, really want to play Watch Dogs, to the extent that I’m already plotting how best to incapacitate Peter so that he can’t take the review code. This new trailer has not exactly tempered my desires.

This trailer, called Honored, focuses on the accolades the game was awarded by the press at E3 2013, while simultaneously showing off a few bits of high-octane gameplay. It looks really good. I want it now. Although I admit I’m slightly annoyed that we aren’t mentioned in the trailer. What’s going on there, Ubisoft? Eh? Not enough ridiculous hyperbole and bum-licking? Pah.

Watch Dogs is due out in Europe on my birthday – 22 November – and earlier that week in other territories. Check out the trailer below.

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  • Peter Parrish

    “The rain looks quite nice.” ~ IncGamers.com

    • sorudo

      -just- the rain?
      tim, try to talk some sense in him đŸ˜›

      • Tim McDonald

        Peter, you know you’ve done something *really* silly when people are suggesting *I* talk sense into you.

        Besides, any quote from us they use should be the hopelessly meta:
        “Where the fuck is our quote?” ~ IncGamers.com

        • Peter Parrish

          I just really like rain in games! I’m interested to know whether Watch Dogs will surpass my current watery favourite, Sleeping Dogs.