Nintendo’s handheld division “will fall apart”

Nintendo are being well and truly beaten by the likes of Apple and Android in the handheld market.

That’s the view of Ngmoco CEO Neil Young, who says that Nintendo’s days in the handheld market are numbered. Ngmoco make free-to-play mobile games for iOS and Android, including Touch Pet Dogs and We Rule. Two games that, if I’m honest, I’ve never heard of.

What better person than Neil Young, then, to educate me on the future of Nintendo.

The crux of young’s argument is one that we’ve heard numerous times before – consumers don’t want to spend $30 on a handheld game now that they’re used to paying next to nothing for smartphone games.

Apple beat Sony, now it and Android are beating Nintendo, says Young:

“I think that Apple has done a number on Sony, and Apple and Android are now doing a number on Nintendo. What they’re really doing is defeating the Nintendo hardware machine.

“The ecosystem that they’ve created, it’s just really difficult to justify spending $30 on a game that is anything other than a Mario, a Zelda, a Pokemon. I think that ultimately their ecosystem starts to fall apart.”

Source: Gamasutra

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  • David Reid

    Re-shifting the Japanese player-base from 3DS and PSP onto mobile will be hard with title’s such as Mario, Zelda and Monster Hunter compared to UK and USA who beg for games like Monster Hunter to be put onto bigger consoles like Xbox and PC.

    If games like Monster Hunter, Mario Kart and Zelda move back to their bigger consoles for which they certainly will for next-gen during their next main stream title’s, then these small handheld’s will be lacking indeed until the smaller version gets a smaller release specificially for them. To me it goes round in a circle from bigger consoles to smaller ones, so are the smaller handheld versions popular than the bigger console versions and are console versions more popular than mobile versions if they ever got released as such?

  • Ss


  • Vampiric

    “Ngmoco CEO ”

    mobile casual nothing to see here

    “Apple and Android are now doing a number on Nintendo.””

    Oh, so thats why the XL sold 200k in 2 days in japan, where they are dying>

    “Extrapolating from trends in Japan, where mobile has far outstripped traditional console games to take the lion’s share of industry profits”

    3ds has been the number 1 selling platform in japan since last june, 3ds is going away in japan huh?

    the guy is a baffoon

    Its another example of an insecure mobile guy trying to take a shot at the big dog on the block

    first of all his games are ****

  • TheAwkwardSilent

    If games like Super Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of Time and Resident Evil: Revelations are not games people are going to play, I don’t know what is.

  • David Guthman


    I really hate it when people compare mobile device games versus games that are produced strictly for dedicated portable gaming hardware. Yes, the portable gaming systems have more expensive games than your smartphone, but there was a FUCK ton of work done on them. Making them WORTH $30-$40.

    That is what you pay for a solid game. Compared to Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. They are two entirely different forms of gaming. Your not supposed to compare them like that. Nintendo especially makes amazing games that are well worth the money (most of the time).

    So don’t sell this crap about Nintendo’s handheld business is numbered. They continue to out sell handhelds and software from Sony. The numbers will prove this, as many other comments here have mentioned.

    Nintendo is booming as always and likely will continue to do so for a long time.