No additional features planned for PC version of Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 (5)

It’s being reported by games.on.net that the PC version of Dead Space 3 will be a straight port, with no plans to make use of the machine’s more powerful hardware. At an event for the title, the publication was informed that there will be no DirectX 11 enhancements, hi-res textures or graphical improvements beyond “some graphics options.”

In other not-so-great Dead Space 3 news, it has been revealed (through an interview given by associate producer Yara Khoury to OXM) that all versions of the game will feature optional microtransactions.

These will give impatient players the option to upgrade your weapons with real money, rather than perform the necessary exploration to look for upgrades on a given level. According to Khoury, you’ll never be able to use money to improve your weapons beyond the scope of what an exploration-focused player would be able to accomplish.

The marketplace will also take in-game currency, but naturally that will take (in Khoury’s words) “a lot of hours” to scavenge up.

If only there were some method of balancing gameplay for less skilled players that didn’t involve currency transactions. Some sort of ‘difficulty level,’ say?

Anyway, with so much additional ‘monetisation’ in the game, presumably the base price of entry will be lowere … oh, wait, no, it’ll still be $50-60 USD.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Dead Space 3 better have a lot of options for guns etc if its just a straight port, there’s so much they can do with the game. Hope the port runs better than Dark Souls lol.

  • It seems like they are trying to ruin Dead Space on purpose. Adding co-op (which I admit may turn out to be fun IF implemented well), no proper pc support, and micro-transactions for better equipment? Oh dear…