No more pond-tents, thanks to DayZ’s new community update

The latest build for successful Arma 2 zombie-survival mod DayZ is rolling out, and it’s an update that has been entirely developed by the game’s community. According to the mod’s creator, Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, “My involvement has simply been oversight. Please direct your support for this update to them, as they deserve it.”

This update is dubbed and has been approved for release, and it’s recommended that you use “PlayWithSix or DayZCommander” to apply the patch.

There’s a fair number of changes and fixes in this update, my favourite of which is “You can no longer place tents in ponds.” No more aquatic survivalist roleplaying in this zombie mod.

For the full list of changes, and to read community reaction to the patch, head to the DayZ forums.

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