No more Tribes Ascend updates. The beginning of the end for the FPS?

Tribes Ascend

Those damn MOBAs! Shooter fans enjoying Tribes Ascend will be a little pissed off to hear that the shooter won’t be patched for a whopping six months, if at all.

Hi-Rez Studios has decided they need to concentrate in their MOBA title SMITE as it’s currently their primary development focus. Todd Harris from Hi-Rez commented:

There are no major dev updates planned for Tribes: Ascend in the next six months.

For the next six months our primary development focus is SMITE. Beyond that it is GA2. And beyond that a TA2 would be more likely than a major update to TA; but to be clear no devs are currently working toward TA2.

Per the development blog on our forums, the recent TA work has been Kate developing some additional maps. If time allows then these new TA maps (along with some bug-fixes) would be finalized and deployed but no committed date yet.

We continue to support TA servers, online community events, tournaments with prizing, bringing Tribes to offline events like recent RTX and upcoming QuakeCon, and live-streaming.

All indications are that Tribes Ascend could now be done and dusted with no further updates for the game. Reading Todd’s comments, it really doesn’t sound as if the future is that bright for the TA series, just the bare minimum to try and keep players interested before they shuffle off to new FPS pastures.

There is Global Agenda 2 which he mentioned but it’s not quite the same as Tribes now is it. There could be a Tribes drought for a good while, and who knows, it may simply disappear completely once again.

Thanks Blues and the official forums.

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  • nasarius


    I get that they’re popular, but surely the market is already saturated now, and that’s not even counting the five billion MOBA titles scheduled for release in the next year or two. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was considerable diversity (like in terms of FPSes, compare Quake to Deus Ex to CoD to STALKER), but really it’s all minor variations on the exact same formula.

  • Zalis

    MOBAs are the new MMORPGs. For me, I already play Dota2, so I have absolutely no interest in another one.

    As for T:A, it’s sad, but we already knew this a year ago. SMITE has clearly been HiRez’s priority, though I find the idea of a T:A2 to be ridiculous. Rather than expanding content for their current game, they’re going to make people buy into another F2P game. (which, given their track record, they will quickly abandon in the same manner)

    See if I ever play another HiRez game again. They really left a bad taste in my mouth w/ the way they handled such a great IP like Tribes. It was great to have it back for a brief flash of time, but it appears that was all it was intended to be… just another cash-in before moving on to the next trend.