Northerners Discriminated Against By Ninetendo

On last nights BBC programme, ‘Watchdog’, it was claimed that the voice recognition system on Nintendo’s ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training’ DS game discriminates against Northerners.

In one of the games players need to say the name of a colour on the screen. Northerners seem not to be able to pronounce “blue” and “yellow”, well not according the Dr anyway.

According to a Manchester DJ, Michelle Livesey, saying “yeller” doesn’t quite cut the mustard. According to good sound advice she received from her friends, she stopped saying “yeller” and started saying “yellow”.
“As soon as I did, it picked it up.” She says triumphantly.

She didn’t quite say how she was really pronouncing blue.

I want to know what the Scottish think of this, is it as bad for them too? And the Irish!

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