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Not just coasting: Infinite Crisis’ Coast City map trailer showcases innovations

Infinite Crisis

If you’re into your MOBAs – your Dota, or your League of Legends, or your Heroes of Newerth – then you might’ve been paying a bit of attention to Turbine’s upcoming DC-based MOBA, Infinite Crisis. If so, lucky you! There’s a new trailer out today showing off the Coast City map and detailing what makes it a bit different.

With that said: if you don’t play MOBAs, then I apologise for the incomprehensible gibberish that’s about to follow.

Coast City is a two-lane map with an open area in the middle containing “creatures and objectives beneficial to both teams,” as well as THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE, an item that grants a powerful attack against structures or enemy champions and respawns every five minutes. Unfortunately, it’s guarded by a turret, so you’ll have to fight your way to it. There are also power relays that “enable teams to push into lanes and obtain a patrolling vision [of the middle of the map].” In short, the map sounds a bit unique.

Check out the trailer below to see it for yourself.

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