Nvidia: Total War Rome 2 performance issues seem to be down to “game optimization”


It doesn’t actually look this nice, sadly.

A thread started over at the GeForce forums asking about “game ready” drivers for Total War: Rome 2 has drawn a response from an Nvidia representative, who states that the company is looking into what improvements can be offered through new drivers. However, the same Nvidia employee implies that the game’s issues appear to be down to optimisation problems.

“Nothing new to report, seeing the same perf issues on AMD and NVIDIA cards. So while we are still looking into improvements we can offer via drivers, just on the surface level it seems to be more of a game optimization issue,” he writes.

If that is indeed the case, performance fixes will be more down to Creative Assembly sorting their code out than GPU manufacturers releasing improved drivers.

Today, the developer released a beta patch for the game. However, this first effort does not seem to deal much with graphical performance issues.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Hopefully that will come soon along with a co-op dysnc fix.

  • armitage

    that may well be true but still doesn’t excuse nvidia from not having a driver out that helps with game compatibility (not performance). Ie to prevent a black screen that many of us with nvidia cards are reporting.