Oculus Rift

May 15, 2015

Oculus Rift reveals recommended “lifetime” PC specs

Oculus has settled on some beefy PC specs that they reckon will sustain the Rift’s games and applications throughout the device’s lifetime. A “lifetime” for hardware like this could be quite a few years, so…

May 13, 2015

IncGamers readers planning to wait on Oculus and VR

Last week we launched a poll asking you lovely readers (and any passing transients,) whether you had plans to get hold of an Oculus Rift when it launches in 2016. The results (based on several…

Oculus Rift releasing early 2016

Oculus finally nail down a date for the release of the VR hardware but you’ll have to wait a little longer. The Rift has paved the way for VR with its two development versions, and…

April 20, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V finally announced for the PC

GTA 5 VorpX setup guide for the Oculus Rift

VorpX share some tips on how to get the most from GTA 5 in the Oculus Rift. Last week when I tested GTA 5 in the Oculus Rift with the new VorpX drivers it was a strange…

January 22, 2015

Microsoft’s HoloLens revealed – Useful for gamers?

Microsoft’s HoloLens revealed – Useful for gamers?

HoloLens sounds great but you’ll have to wear these glasses which will reduce your cool factor. During the Microsoft briefing today one of he main announcements was the HoloLens AR tech which involves firing on…

November 6, 2014

Consumer Oculus Rift is “months away” says Oculus

Is the Oculus Rift really close to being consumer ready? Oculus think so. We’ve talked a lot about the Oculus Rift in the past couple of months, and although we’ve only been playing around with…

September 20, 2014

Oculus unveil new ‘Crescent Bay’ Rift prototype

The Oculus Connect 2014 conference is taking place in Los Angeles today, and the main reveal so far has been a new prototype model for the Rift. Dubbed ‘Crescent Bay,’ (pictured above) Oculus says it…