Oh no, Justin Bieber is playable in NBA 2K13

Yes, the world is about to implode. Sports gaming has gone crazy. Gaming in general has gone crazy. How could we let this happen?

Your eyes do not deceive, that thing in the picture above in teenage dirt bag Justin Bieber as a playable character in 2K Sports’ NBA 2K13. 

Bieber celebrated his inclusion in the game by posting the following Shakespearean tweet:

“Shoutout to @Ronnie2K for putting #TeamBieber in #NBA2K13. Im running the pt. #SWAGGY”

That’ll go down as a classic.

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  • gigantor21


  • well, now EA can be assured the game sells bad, it already does but not that badly….

    • Greator

      i’m not sure i follow..? what does ea have to do with this?

  • Jack Pott

    Why not, he’s known for his height and athleticism after all.