Path of Exile 1.0.6 Summoner patch

Path of Exile 1.0.6 Summoner patch

Path of Exile's new monster

Whilst we’re waiting for Path of Exile’s Act 4, folks from Grinding Gear Games have released Path of Exile’s 1.0.6 patch which I call ‘the summoner patch’. It details a large number of changes around summon builds, in particular, adding four new summoning skills, large improvements to your minons passives and five new unique items that have generally been made for summoner builds. With all of these changes summoners have never had it so good.

So what are these sexy changes? Well your summoned minions and totems now have 50% more life at level 1 and Raised Zombies now cause 50% more damage for starters, that’s awesome. Summoned Skeletons hit harder with 40% more damage and if you’re not using a spell totem like me to summon them, their mana cost has been reduced at all levels as well!

The new Intelligence based skill Summon Raging Spirit summons a flaming skull that rushes at nearby enemies and attacks them rapidly, enemies cannot directly attack it but they can pass through them, doubtfully, I wonder if melee splash or multistrike would work?

The new Dexterity/Intelligence skill Desecrate deals chaos damage to enemies in an area whilst summoning corpses. For each corpse consumed, the Flesh Offering skill buffs your minion’s speed temporarily whilst the Bone Offering skill temporarily buffs your minion’s block chance, including spells!

I can see the potential for a chaos summon build with Desecrate and the right passives. The downside being of this patch being that Increased Duration got hit with the nerf-hammer but I’m sure necromancer fans are already creating builds in the passive tree editor’s. Let us know what summoner builds in the passive tree editor’s. Let us know what summoer builds you can come up with!

Lastly, there is mention of flying monsters coming so check out the trailer below and the full patch notes over on Path of Exile’s website for more info.


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  • SLowrAM

    Got back in last night to focus on a summoner only class, been a couple months since I last played and never had played a class with it’s sole purpose being summoning. Seems to be going well and enjoyable. Does anyone know what leveling up the Raging Spirit does? I’ve leveled it once (seems slow to level) and didn’t see any changes on the stats when hover over it. Also it said I could summon 50 of them, but it seems more like 5, maybe it’s a casting speed issue making it difficult to cast more?

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Wow, 50 of those Raging Spirits? That would be cool, but maybe it’s a typo and means 5 rather than 50. What’s its mana cost? I’ve yet to get a hold of the new skills myself. Maybe try adding to support damange gems to it and see if that shows up with the rest of the description?

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Actually upon checking it out this weekend, it seems that it you can summon 50 but will need an very very fast casting speed. I leveled Raging Spirits up to 7, but the damage is still quite week as I lack all the sockets on my gear for my summoner and dual totem build.