Path of Exile Closed Beta Key Giveaway

As we end the special Path of Exile week here on IncGamers, we are giving our readers the chance to get their hands on a closed Beta key which will grant you instant access into the Path of Exile beta test.

You can grab a key instantly by claiming it intantly below by clicking the button, and once you have your key, head to the Path of Exile site and make sure you have a registered account to apply a key and download the client.

All keys have gone!

We hope you have enjoyed all our Path of Exile coverage on IncGamers.com this week and keep dropping back for the latest news and views from the world of PC gaming.

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  • Ziyon

    Thank You!

  • Jany

    I was unable to get one!!, did you damn noticed that your server was ddosed? I want my key, you should be prepared to mass connections, but you didn’t. I don’t care you dont have more keys, i was unable to enter the site, IS YOUR FAULT!

    • MrRawrer

      Even if they were ddosed the keys were gone because of it. Clearly some people connected and that person wasn’t you. Sometimes companies can’t have good enough servers or equipment to deal with it. Maybe you should donate the money needed to support that sort of traffic.

  • Killaj

    They should have another Key Giveaway!!

  • Illysio_Nightstar

    $10US for a key … either that or wait until December for Open Beta.
    Not much $$ for such an awesome game & even then, the $10 gives you creds for the shop.
    The shop is not fully open, but there are a couple of things you can spend them on at the moment … although I’d wait.

  • Warsong

    man I missed this:(