Path of Exile first week of beta update

Path of Exile

Last week was a massive week for indie developer Grinding Gear Games when Path of Exile finally went into open beta. So how did it go?

If you’ve been taking part then you’ll know it’s not been a trouble free week on the servers with quite a few outages. GGG have been on the case 24/7 sorting out issues and even decided to pull the servers down for periods while they worked on a solution to the surge in players. GGG’s Chris Wilson updated with a brief explanation saying:

“For the last few days, our servers have not been able to handle the busiest hours of the day. We’re very sorry about this and are working as hard as we can to resolve the issue. It has been narrowed down to a specific problem with the connection between the European and American servers.”

Other than periodic connectivity issues the test appears to be going well and there are updates currently in the works including new gem icons, new end-game Map areas and an overhaul of the sound in-game to support pitch/volume variation.

As far as the future is concerned for the open beta, there are plenty of updates still to come in the beta such PvP improvements and additional Act 3 areas.

Overall the test is going well and players are enjoying the game which is good news for GGG who have ploughed years into the project.

Source: GGG

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  • nitpicker

    It’s not Gas Powered Games, but Grinding Gear Games.

  • anonymous

    Pretty big typo lol
    Also, 70k players concurrently suggests a rather large unique playerbase. I’m confused why all these “gaming journalists” don’t think about this. EVE has a consistent 30k average concurrent playerbase and has somewhere between 350k and 500k subscribers. Concurrent/peak players suggest something about a total population.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Yeah too many crashes for my liking, keep getting to key points the get disconnected, its as if the full servers are answering to many connections when they’re already full. Just doesn’t make any sense if they’ve scaled em up and added more and bigger connections to the servers.