Path of Exile gets new ladders – PvP Arenas Soon

As Grinding Gear Games continue with their beta test of the ARPG Path of Exile, today they have announced that all the Path of Exile closed Beta characters are being moved to Legacy leagues and they have created new Default and Hardcore leagues, which are now open. GGG are encouraging players to plat new characters on the new Default and Hardcore leagues so they can make balance changes and fix up any issues.

The game has also recently  received some improvements such as full voice acting for NPCs and characters and more Act Two quest progression and they are looking to get arena PvP combat added in a few weeks time.

They also want everyone who has purchased a Path of Exile supporter pack to know that the goodies will be shipped out soon as the stock is finally arriving t their offices. These should ship out in a few weeks according to GGG.

Finally, the development team are still expecting to push the game into an open beta later this year which will be the last time characters are wiped. More beta content will also be added including Act III

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Been playing their various patches for ages, I thought they were looking for a earlier release? I want to try a totem support kind of build if the options are still there when it’s released. Looking forward to this game.

    • Karl Schneider

      The long and short of it is: GGG is funded by a wealthy individual who is on some kind of friendly terms with the founders. Since GGG was able to raise $1M USD over the course of a few months via support packs, their benefactor has been thoroughly convinced of the game’s solvency. Chris has stated they want their Open Beta to be as polished as much as the small company can offer. So instead of cranking out Act 3 and PVP in August, they decided to delay those patches (and thus OB) until November/December.

      Totems are as viable as ever.