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Path of Exile Launch

It’s been a long road to release for Grinding Gear Games’ free to play ARPG Path of Exile and the game will finally launch on Wednesday 23 October.

Path of Exile is about to officially leave beta test status so to celebrate IncGamers will be running numerous POE features this week. We’ll be catching up with Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson to discuss the development, giving away some very cool Divine, Regal and 200 point packs to the community at the start of the week, and we may even bring you a few exclusives.

Bookmark this page, we’ll be adding updates here as features go live over the course of the next few days. Wraeclast awaits!

We hope you enjoy all the coverage this week and don’t forget to check out the IncGamers POE Forums.

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  • BisnessPirate

    So, what’re you guys going to reveal? I thought all the big things were already revealed in the last interviews and the information GGG has released on the website.

    That means there’s only one plausible announcement(maybe 2). You guys are announcing Trolling! Or you guys are just planning to tell us everything the fans that watch the main site on a regular basis already know and just rewriting it and making it so that the public knows, and at the same time giving away some supporter packs and points.

    Oh pretty please for the love of god and with sugar on top let it be the first.

  • HardCandy

    Great news guys, can’t wait for release and new content 🙂
    GG GGG Well Played 😀
    I thought i wont find better or at least equal arpg after diablo 2, and BAM this game is most awesome thing ever happened to me in gaming!
    I would like to thank GGG for not ruining this game and not going P2W style, hope everything works for You guys gr8, and community will support you on the incomming path 😉
    cheers from Hard_Candy

  • Lastdrone

    PoE is the true Diablo 2 successor.

    I can’t wait to see what you guys have to share with us.

  • CharanGaydemyr



  • Ventiwoman


  • ScrotumMcB

    I think this game is a pretty cool game

    But i think Diablo 3 is also a pretty cool game

  • BerMalBerIth1

    I made infinity but theres no aura?!

  • AFPSfan

    What the hell why can’t i get this website for free and sell it

  • DeckardxGheed

    Lol guys i think Path of Exile needs a first person mode.

    Currently the birds eye is dumb and takes no skill

  • MadSis_


  • DorkAustin

    Omg hai ^___^ I’m DorkAustin and I absolutely luuuv @_____@ ARPGS and my fav is PoE!!! Okies so anyways, im going to tell you about the BEST day of my life when I met this super hot game! <333333333 OMFGZ IT WAS SOOOOO FREAKIN KAWAII !!! Supa kawaii desu!!!!!!!! ^______________________________________^

  • Bex_OMG

    guys please refrain from derailing this article or im gonna start deleting your accounts bïtchez

  • Pesegato

    Looking forward for more announcements! Many details of 1.0.0 are still hidden… new base items for example.

  • DumbAsYou

    yay the day is near

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Looking forward to the surprises coming, I’m pleased POE is finally launching!

  • inusaa

    A joy to support a true game for gamers =)

  • Fernando

    This game is beyond awesome. Cant wait for its release!

  • sorudo

    i do find it a fun game, a bit confusing at times, especially in dungeons but that’ll take some practice and trail runs to map out the dungeon in my head.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Yeah it can be quite tough at times, especially on the leagues. A good thing to do is find what builds or play style you feels right for you in single player and with friends. Then pretend to do the leagues by doing single player trail runs to certain points bit by bit and working on timing if you’re really going for the top places. I think there are only two or three points most of the exits can spawn, but there’s a good advise video around on somewhere on YouTube despite the content is now out of date, and I have to learn the new changes coming this week.

  • Josh Mosqueira

    Can wait to see what new features you guys will reveal *wink*

  • cof

    can’t wait for the 1.0 release <3

  • Logos

    Gotta preface this with.. Path of Exile is an amazing Game.

    GGG(Grinding Gear Games) as a company that started Indie has been amazing, Listening to there Gamers putting them first and allowing them to influence the decisions made to the game, They have excelled at all facets of Design and really strived to make an A+ Game!

    Definitely what diablo III should have been, and glad I for one am glad that it is out, Free, and available for everyone.. There’s so many levels of gameplay (Great for Theorycrafters!) If you have fun in arpgs.. Give it a shot.. And a good shot, Meaning take the time to learn a bit about it and do not just quit after 5 minutes 😛 It’s great.. And challenging, And the competitive league play definitely makes you feel rewarded!

  • gothikaboy

    Can’t miss this opportunity!

  • Dark Matter

    It’s an excellent game that I thoroughly enjoy.

  • FaKeTe


  • BillyMancer

    Such an awesome game.

    I’ve always considered it as “Path which Diablo should have gone”.
    Congrats GGG, all the best 🙂

  • TheDreamer

    GGG love you!

  • fRxDimitrov

    GGG Best! Diablo – shit =(

  • anilrobo

    Can’t wait to play Scion and beat Dominus!

  • haco

    Nice!Can’t wait.

  • haco

    Nice!Can’t wait.

  • KevinSnyder

    Only 1 day left… 🙂

  • BigMactheknife

    10 hrs or so to go

  • Blucky

    Can’t wait for the launch. This game is so addictive!!