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Path of Exile Week on IncGamers

All this week we’ll be taking a closer look at Grinding Gear Games’ upcoming ARPG Path of Exile which has been in closed Beta testing for quite some time now and they recently raised 1.35 million USD through crowd funding.

With the open Beta test now looming, it’s planned for a December launch, we thought we’d dig a little deeper into some of the recently announced content for the game.

During the Open Beta test, Grinding Gears Games will be opening up Act III, so all this week we’ll be taking a look at Act III content and also talking to the development team about the game and how it is progressing.

This week we’ll also be dishing out closed Beta keys  so you can take part in the current testing and get a nice early start before the open Beta begins.

For more on Path of Exile also visit the official website and also visit the new IncGamers Path of Exile forums


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  1. This is a great idea. PoE definitely deserves more coverage like this!

  2. This is great information. I was waiting for Act3 for a long time! Please give us lots of images and videos too!

  3. Nice games, hate to see next =)

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