Pay your loot: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag pre-orders open on Steam

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

I guess this Edward didn’t bother pre-ordering, so he doesn’t have the Magical Golden Scimitars of Captain Drake or whatever.

Avast! Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, the pirate-y adventures of assassin Edward Kenway, has landed on the shores of Steampowered. Pay it £39.99 or £44.99 and it’ll let you accompany it on its adventures when it sets sail on 22 November.

Or, to remove the crap metaphors and pirate talk: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is now open for pre-orders on Steam. The regular edition will cost you £39.99, while the fancy-pants Digital Deluxe edition is demanding £44.99.

If you pre-order either edition, though, you get access to three bonus packs. Captain Kenway’s Legacy Pack will offer you Golden Scimitars and a multiplayer Treasure Hunter costume; Pirates’ Bounty Pack throws in German Rapiers and a Compass relic; and the Sacrificed Secrets Pack give you a “dangerous treasure-hunting mission on Sacrifice Island”, and lets you unlock “Captain Drake’s Dual Swords and Pistols, Picture, Title, and Relics.” I quoted that last bit because, while I suspect that means that you get a picture, a title, and some relics as well as the swords and pistols, it’s a bit ambiguous. Maybe it just lets you give yourself the Captain Drake’s Dual Swords and Pistols title online, or something. I dunno.

Interestingly, the Digital Deluxe edition offers even more pre-order stuff in the form of the Trove of Mystery. This pack gives you the Matched Golden Swords and Treasure Hunter costume, picture, and title; the Ivory Wheel, and a Cartographer picture, relic, title, and emblem. Again: ambiguity. Not quite sure what all of that means. Also a bit odd as it looks like Captain Kenway’s Legacy Pack gives you the Treasure Hunter costume anyway but oh I don’t know.

The Digital Deluxe edition itself (as in, “this is what your extra £5 is for”) gives you The Castaway’s Prize (The German Rapiers, The Discoverer picture, title, relic, and emblem) and the Aveline DLC, granting you control of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation protagonist Aveline as she takes on three missions and tracks down a First Civilization artifact. Whew.

We’d obviously recommend you hold off for our review but if you’re certain you’re going to buy it anyway, then hey, some of that pre-order stuff doesn’t look awful. The option’s there if you want it, and you’ve got a month to make up your mind.

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  • SLowrAM

    Hope this game is back to top form. To my surprise it has caught my interest again, but after last one (luckily I didn’t jump in and get it), it would take a lot to get me to pre-order. Course if they don’t embargo reviews so I can see what people think before release day then I’ll be onboard. It’s frustrating when companies offer decent pre-order but no reviews until release day.

    • Tim McDonald

      I loathed Assassin’s Creed 3, so I’m in the same boat – for all that AC3 turned me off the series, this actually looks like it might be rather good. I’m cautiously optimistic.

      And yeaaah, we’ll just have to hope that the review embargo is set at least a day or two beforehand. I suppose that we do have one advantage, though – the PS3 and 360 versions will be out a little while before the PC version, so those reviews will definitely be up by then. It won’t help in terms of indicating port quality or what the shiny graphics and whatnot look like, but it should give a decent indication of the game itself.

  • BAMM

    Can you please tell me what was so wrong and off-putting about AC:III? I dont mean to start an argument but I REALLY have a had ttime finding what was wrong with that game compared to the rest of the series. I loved it, thought they did everything right except for a few technical errors. Please help ease my confused brain.

  • PlasmaAssassin

    I agree with BAMM, I would love to hear someone ever give reasons for parroting that “AC3 was so different and sucked” line. It is starting to just sound like a “no true scotsman” fallacy. I played each all the way through on both 360 and PC, I liked every game. I hated collecting the flags and feathers, but that’s just me and that has always been there. The main difference was how far collectables were spaced to make up for the larger maps.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      For me, it’s not so much ACIII sucks, I simply prefer the older timelines than the time periods they’re toying with atm.