Play State of Decay Early Access with a keyboard – Here’s the control list

State of Decay

Update 17/10/2013: The full keyboard and mouse support could be released by end of this week.

Undead Labs has just released State of Decay as a controller only Steam Early Access version which is giving the development team the opportunity to bug test the PC version and also continue work on the controls.

Although Undead Labs state it’s a controller only version, there are keyboard and mouse controls available straight out the box as part of the game engine. Undead Labs are not really supporting these controls until they’re tweaked by the development team but you can still play with them.

If you want to play the zombie survival title with the keyboard and mouse, this is the current key mappings.


  • Left mouse button – Attack/Fire
  • Right mouse button – Aim weapon mode
  • Right mouse button and keep hiting SPACE – Shake off zombie
  • Middle mouse button – Change Weapon / Map zoom / inventory cycle


  • ESC  – Menu
  • TAB – Inventory and character sheet
  • W – Forward
  • A – Back
  • S – Left
  • D – Right
  • E – Interact / Open / Search (hold key and LEFT Shift for faster search)
  • SHIFT E while crouching – Silent Kill
  • F – Use item / Throw / Add silencer to fun from inventory
  • M – Map
  • R – Reload
  • T – Torch On/Off
  • Left SHIFT- Sprint / Move faster
  • Left CNTRL – Sneak/Crouch
  • Left CNTRL while running – Slide
  • SPACE – Jump
  • Q – Car horn


  • Disagree – Left mouse (hold down) + Left CNTRL
  • Agree – Left mouse  (hold down) + Space
  • Taunt – Left mouse  (hold down) + Q
  • Cheer- Left mouse  (hold down) + E

As you can see, the controls that are set as default in the Early Access version are pretty much what you ‘d expect to play with anyway so don’t let the fact that Undead Labs are touting it as “controller only” put you off. Just expect bugs and other typical issues that would appear in a pre-release build.

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  • Neil

    What about those controls on the D-pad? I can’t create new outposts.

    Also thanks for posting this, it was pretty much hit and miss when I tried shaking off a zombie.

    • Faras

      Yea Whats the button to make outposts?
      🙂 i know those but thnx for the ppl that dont..i played hit and miss..
      Awsome game…

    • dj

      how about the radio?

  • Keller23

    Please tell us how to use the Down D-PAD on PC. I’ve tried pretty much everything with no luck =/

  • warr

    Outposts you can create, just need an unlooted container. Go to any container that still has stuff in it, press E to open it. Press E again to open the radio menu and select outpost. Sadly you cant do that with the really good home bases, since they dont have any loot/containers in them. Hope that someone figures out a way to open radio menu , so can move base too. The container trick might work on regular houses that you can move base too, but not on the good ones.

    • AmazingSuicideDeath


    • Kash

      You can press Left Alt to bring up the radio menu.
      You’re welcome.

  • warr

    1.) Go to your “State of Decay folder”
    2.) Then go to “Game folder”
    3.) Once your inside the “Game folder” create a folder name it to “libs”
    4.) After you created the “libs folder” make another folder inside the “libs folder” name it to “config”
    5.) Then download this file: mediafire.com/download/7ase51217sabx7o/prototypeactionmap.xml
    6.) After you downloaded the file put it inside the “config folder”
    7.) Then play and have fun

    * Radio = left ALT

    • DoppelGangerBR

      Whats happen if i put this file on my game folder?

  • Narf

    @warr – A thousand thanks for that, now I can finally relocate. 😀

  • YOmismo


  • jon

    left alt dont do anything

  • Gustaf

    Guys… How to use binoculars? 😀 I do not know how to Survey 🙁

    • goatman92

      Just aim, its the same thing.
      Also can anyone tell me how to dodge?

  • Copyright

    Game tels us that dodge is “B” button. “B” button = Mouse Right Click. May be that way.

    • Stenier

      Its Left CTRL

  • Thacirius

    My game use “L” key to open radio menu :

  • Thacirius

    To dodge, when zombie nearly touch you, press LCtrl quickly. You can also counterattack after dodge if your fighting skill is high enough (but I don’t know how xD).
    By the way, anyone know how to use I the defensive skill called Double Kill? 🙁

  • ttttttttttt

    when u hold shift+left ctrl he raises two hands open at that moment when two zombies’ head are near his hand he grab and crack em. but its hard to grab their head right

  • Payroll

    Warr you fucking fabulous mother fucker. I’d fuck you if I were gay.

    • Peter Parrish

      Payroll, this comment was so good that Tim’s mentioned it on our podcast (which will be up on Wed.)

  • neil501

    i got hurt and it says to hit “A” button on xbox controller what button is the “A” on the keyboard??

    • CromG

      it’s space

  • ttttttttttt


  • Faras Lonewolf

    Key mappings:
    Mouse Controls
    X/Y Axis Turns Camera1l
    Left Click = Attacks or Fires and Activates Emote
    Right Click = Activates Aim Weapon Mode / Surveys Area
    Middle Mouse Scroll / Up & Down Zoom for map / Changes Weapon / Cycles through inventory)
    Keyboard Controls on Foot
    TAB – Opens Character Sheet & Inventory also Selects Next Page in sheet
    F = Uses Items
    W = Runs Ahead & Climbs Up Ladders
    S = Runs Back & Climbs Down Ladders
    A = Run Left
    D = Run Right
    E = Opens Doors interacts / search
    M = Brings Up Map / Closes Map
    R = Reload Weapon
    T = Activate / Deactivate Torch (which is a flash light for american friends :p
    Left SHIFT – Sprints & Moves up & down ladders faster
    Left CTRL = Sneaks (Hold for 1 second to activate / Deactivae)
    Left CTRL = Whilst running can be used to slide)
    Space = Jumps / ((A))
    Hold Left Mouse and Press F = Drops Bag/Sack
    Controlling Car
    Right Mouse Click = Open Doors
    W = Accelarate
    S = Brakes / Reverse
    A & D = Left and Right
    E = Enter / Exit Car
    T = Activate/Deactivate Headlights on Car
    Q = Sound horn / Siren
    Space = Hand Brake
    Note only the mouse moves Camera ((If your mouse is slow to move camera then you can change the speed within Windows by going to

    control panel / mouse))
    (its worth noting your character will attack when the left mouse button is pressed
    Cheer = Hold Left Mouse & E
    Disagree = Hold Left Mouse & Left Control
    Agree = Hold Left Mouse & Space
    Taunt = Hold Left Mouse & Q
    FX13 • 24 September 2013, 07:52

  • Matt

    What are the keys used to scroll through the menus? LB and RB are what the game tells you. I’ve tried the hole keyboard and can’t figure it out.

    • Narf

      If you mean tabs, such as inventory/base etc, use TAB, if you mean up/down in menus, then use W and S.

  • dallas

    how do i greet people? i found survivors somewhere and now i dont know how to make them come with me

    • Narf

      Walk up close enough to one of them and if you can bring them along you can push E to talk and then choose from dialogue options. If you stumble across a group, though, all you can do is say hello, basically.

  • Narf

    Oh, and thanks to Paul for posting. ^_^

    Question – anyone knows how to drop backpacks? So far that one eludes me…

    • Narf

      Figured it out! Left Mouse + F does the trick (once the attack has played)! ^_^

  • elterPro

    Hey, does anyone know how to change the fire mode of a weapon? I know that you have to press something while aiming with the gun, but I don’t have any idea what?

  • Pauloso

    What does B equal on the keyboard?

    • Narf

      This seems to vary (no doubt one reason why they don’t say it is usable with keyboard), but I know that if you mean to shake a zombie, it’s LCtrl.

  • hello

    I got stuck. It says press A to get up. I press every button lol i cant get up.. anyone knows how?

    • Narf

      If you mean when fighting for your life (swarmed, etc), press Space repeatedly at the speed of insanity. My poor spacebar… O.o

  • DeathSythe

    Ok…. i cant get the radio to pop out at all. ive tried the config file inside lib and the l+1 and L Alt and nothing works…

  • shaar

    omg thank you soooooo much

  • Manpreet

    i have copied the file but still cant run my keyboard please explain the procedure properly

  • Kommiekat

    How about sacks. How do I take off a sack/bag and place on ground in case I’ve got some zombie fighting to do?

  • raka

    i download this game game from worldfree4u