February 17, 2014

La-Mulana 2 demo released to the public

La-Mulana 2 demo released to the public

A demo of La-Mulana 2 has popped up on Playism. So, yes, you can go play La-Mulana 2 now, and then back the full version if you haven’t already done so. According to the Kickstarter…

La-Mulana 2 fully funded

There was no doubt in mind that La-Mulana 2 would get funded. Never. Never ever. Even though I had a nightmare last week in which it was sat at 70% funding with two hours to…

October 1, 2013

Devil in the details: Unholy Heights hits Steam on Friday

Playism have announced that Unholy Heights, a Japanese tower-defence/management game, will be hitting Steam this Friday. And it looks kinda great. You play as the Devil, who has purchased a tenement building and converted it…