Pre-orders open for first Star Wars: The Old Republic digital expansion

Star Wars: The OId Republic

Due for release next year, the first digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, called the Rise of the Hutt Cartel, will bring new content and features to the now free to play MMO.

While SWTOR is still under fire for its free to play pricing structure, which is a little odd to say the least, development continues on getting more new content out to players. The expansion will add new story-driven missions, a level cap increase to 55, new enemies and players will be tasked to save the new planet Makeb.

More features will be announced in the weeks ahead and pre-orders are  being taken on the official site. There are two pricies, $9.99 if you are a subscriber and $19.99 if you are playing for free.

An FAQ is also now live if you want to know more about the expansion.

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  • so it’s better to just buy it normally, the sub is only worth it until you have enough points to unlock everything you need, anything extra is your choice.
    the 9,99 for subs pretty much shows that they need even more money, that’s $5,- more then simply buying it.