Preparing the field: Total War Rome 2 can be preloaded on Steam today

Total War: Rome 2 - Pontus

I see these guys are the fashionistas of the Roman world.

While you’re watching interesting historical videos with Mykel Hawke, you can now also pre-load Total War: Rome II on Steam. This is an even better idea than it is for other games, because Rome II is pretty massive. In total, you’ll need 35GB of hard-drive space for it, and the game pre-load is in the region of 10GB.

Speaking of regions, Sega is warning people that certain editions of the title are region-locked. So if you bought a copy in Russia or India make sure you actually live there. As for when the game itself will fully unlock, that’ll be a shade after midnight (Pacific Time) on 3 September. That’s the earliest possible point of 3 September, rather than the latest possible point. If you’re in other time-zones, this is when you’ll be able to play: 03:00 EDT / 08:00 BST / 09:00 CET / 17:00 AEST.

There’ll also be a Day One patch for the game featuring the Pontus faction (above,) so you’ll have to grab that before playing too (it won’t be part of the pre-load.) IncGamers may or may not be bringing you a review of Total War: Rome 2, because despite repeated promises no review code has shown up yet. We’d like to, because it looks like a good game, but it all rather depends on Sega.

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  • spencer

    How do you pre-download it on steam? I have pre-ordered the game but cant see where to start the download!?

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Yeah, that 35GB is gonna take all day with my physical version if it has to leech from Steam. Speaking of which I’d best find some space for this monster.

    • G

      the files come compressed to ~9 GB on Steam and a CA community rep said that the 35 GB estimation was to account for future DLC space requirements.

  • sorudo

    and that’s why i rather have the retail version without steam, installing from disk is so much faster and it works from point one.

  • Kodes

    Preload complete, yarr harr harr. Couple of days to start and finish Blacklist and that’ll just be in time.

  • Bill

    Ok, so I have just finished the pre-load. Downloaded 9.9GB. Now what?
    I went into the steam folder “Program FilesSteamdepotcache” and there are no executable files. I see only .manifest, .csd, and .csm files.
    What do I do next? Also is the Greek States Culture pack included in the download?

    • Aubrey

      Guys-listen up. The PRE-LOAD of this game is ONLY 9.9GB. However, with all of the DLC that C.A. plan on releasing, the game size will EVENTUALLY be 35 GB.

      Also, the pre-load DOES NOT include the Greek city states, or Pontus. Those will be downloaded on the 3rd.

      • DavidTheSlayer

        To further add, Amazon UK states servers will be live from 8AM BST on the 3rd of September 😀