PC Game Previews

September 10, 2015

fifa 16

FIFA 16 PC Demo Impressions

In which Peter will try to convince you that the referee using spray to mark out free-kicks is a meaningful improvement.

By: Peter Parrish

August 26, 2015

blitzkrieg 3

Blitzkrieg 3 Preview

Nival return to the Blitzkrieg series after a decade away, and their classic WWII RTS formula is so far looking promising.

By: Paul Younger

August 19, 2015


Crossout Preview

Targem invite us to rummage around their garage and create some weird and wonderful combat vehicles.

By: Paul Younger

August 12, 2015


Pollen Preview

Paul steps aboard a space station with a VR headset strapped to his face. What could go wrong?

By: Paul Younger