PC Game Previews

September 14, 2016

FIFA 17 Demo Impressions

Peter does his best to break The Journey (and looks at some new additions) in the annual pre-release FIFA 17 demo.

By: Peter Parrish

July 21, 2016

VR Ping Pong

VR Ping Pong Preview

If lack of a real table tennis table is getting you down then this could be the VR solution. Paul gets the Vive out for a ping pong session.

By: Paul Younger

July 15, 2016

RimWorld Alpha 14 Preview

Tim tries to make his home on RimWorld but toxic fallout, monkey-induced insanity, and collapsing buildings lead to oh-so-many failures.

By: Tim McDonald

July 13, 2016

Champions of Anteria Preview

Originally announced as a Settlers game, Champions of Anteria has settled into a new groove. Peter takes a look ahead of release.

By: Peter Parrish

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