PC Game Previews

July 21, 2016


VR Ping Pong Preview

If lack of a real table tennis table is getting you down then this could be the VR solution. Paul gets the Vive out for a ping pong session.

By: Paul Younger

July 15, 2016

rimworld blade

RimWorld Alpha 14 Preview

Tim tries to make his home on RimWorld but toxic fallout, monkey-induced insanity, and collapsing buildings lead to oh-so-many failures.

By: Tim McDonald

July 13, 2016


Champions of Anteria Preview

Originally announced as a Settlers game, Champions of Anteria has settled into a new groove. Peter takes a look ahead of release.

By: Peter Parrish

May 11, 2016

this is the police blade

This Is the Police Preview

This is the police. Put your hands in the air and your wallets on the floor. We, uh, just need to keep an eye on them.

By: Tim McDonald

May 5, 2016

Overwatch pose pulled for flaunting sexuality after fan complains

Overwatch Beta Preview


Tim’s gone into Overwatch, but rather than shooting you on your turn, this means you’re getting a preview of Blizzard’s nippy team-based FPS.

By: Tim McDonald

May 4, 2016


Dreadnought Beta Preview

Paul lumbers towards a preview in a hulking Dreadnought, courtesy of Yager’s forthcoming space-based tactical combat game.

By: Paul Younger

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