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Pro Rugby Manager 2015 being released by 505 later this year

Pro Rugby Manager 2015
Last year Cyanide attempted to Kickstart a new Pro Rugby Manager which failed but now Pro Rugby Manager 2015 is coming thanks to 505 Games.

I have to admit I was disappointed that the original Kickstarter for Pro Rugby Manager 2014 didn’t work out, the world of rugby needs more games. Today 505 Games announced that Cyanide’s rugby management sim will be released this September. It’s hard to believe the last PRM was released a decade ago.

Players will have to manage their own rugby union side and it;s being developed under the license of the world’s largest leagues. There will be 54 team from the Aviva Premiership. PRO12 and Ligue Nationale de Rugby.

The game promises a state of the art sports management engine and a match-play feature for would-be managers to take active control of your team during games.

With all the real names and clubs included this is definitely one to watch if you’re a rugby fan.

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  • Toby Brown

    Man I hope this turns out to be good. I’ve never played a football manager game (I have zero interest in football) but I’ve heard they’re extremely addictive, and fortunately I’m a massive rugby fan. Will definitely be keeping up to date with this.

    • Paul Younger

      I’m with you Toby. Not a footy fan but a big rugby fan. If I remember correctly PRM 2004 was fairly decent but it was the only choice we had. Hopefully Cyanide can do the job with this one.