Prophesised: Dragon’s Prophet to launch in September

Dragons Prophet - Tim character

Hot. I’m a big fan of any character creation tools that let you craft either an appalling freak of nature or the epitome of physical beauty. (Belle here is the latter, obviously.)

Be warned, mortals! The dreaded Code Wizards of Infernum and Soh’nee have stated that Dragon’s Prophet will launch into the internet realms on the 18th day of September.

Or, in English: Infernum Productions and Sony Online Entertainment have announced that their free-to-play MMO Dragon’s Prophet will launch on 18 September in Europe and North America.

Dragon’s Prophet lets you MMO your way around a fantasy world, capturing dragons and customising them for your own purposes. It’s got action-based combat, over 300 dragons, cross-server PvP, and the best character creation tools since City of Heroes. Just cast your eyes upwards to see the amazing lady I crafted for the game.

You can join the open beta now and keep playing with the same character when the game officially launches, and you can also wander over here to see all the changes made since the game hit open beta and what’s still coming post-launch. If you’re curious about how it plays, you can also read Paul’s preview from June.

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  • sorudo

    you mention cross-server PvP, does that mean ppl can simply attack you or are there specific servers and areas for that?

    • Tim McDonald

      As I understand it, it’s specific areas and modes. I’m not *entirely* certain, but it’s called the “Frontier” system which makes me think it’s a shifting region with different servers taking control of different areas.

      The relevant bit of the game description on the official site says: “Battle for domination of the frontiers! Garrison castles, rule the land and raise taxes to secure income and further control of the frontier. Invest in military to protect your realm and build urban infrastructure to attract more inhabitants. Reign wisely or ruthlessly – how you choose to govern a frontier is up to you. But be warned, you need a strong army to dominate these lands.”

      I heard a few reports that there would also be cross-server arena battles and the like, but I’m not *entirely* sure on the details. Sorry!