QQ less, noob: Dota 2 prepares for launch with more tutorials

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Dota 2‘s due to launch soon, and even if that launch isn’t actually going to have all the heroes and whatnot, it does mean that there will be a big influx of new players ready to feed the enemy team, steal farm from the carry, and leave the courier in the river. Solution: add more tutorials!

A recent update has vastly updated the MOBA’s nascent tutorial mode. Before now, there was a very simple mission showing you how to play Dragon Knight and telling you that getting the last hit on monsters is sort of important. Now there’s a whole bunch more, and I’ve played through a fair few.

The second has players take control of Sniper and teaches ranged combat and courier use, and is followed by a video explaining the objective of the actual game and how play tends to proceed (but with less Russians and swearing than usual). The third tutorial has Sniper take on Axe in a mid-lane battle to destroy the first tier tower while protecting yours. Then we’re into Limited Hero territory, where 20 of the easier heroes are available for selection in a couple of 1v1 match ups, before you’re onto a full botmatch with the Limited Hero pool. Apparently, this will be followed up by online matches against other beginners using said 20 heroes, but I have no idea if that’s in or not because I got bored before then. Sorry.

You may want to do this even if you’re already a pro, though. Completing tutorials seems to net you a few unique items for Sniper, as well as pages for the “Archronicus”, a book full of lore with a really silly name. Bet that name got it bullied in book school. Even more than Flowers for Algernon.

While they don’t really teach the importance of denying, or making sure your carry is getting farm, or any of the other oh-so-useful things that will stop people from shouting at you in languages you can’t understand, these tutorials are certainly a step up from what was there before. Give ’em a look for yourself if you’re curious.

If you listened to the podcast: yes, there’s an IncGamers Dota 2 guild now, and no, I haven’t figured out how to let you all join it, but I’m working on it. Also, I’m rather tempted to write a beginner’s guide of my own. Keep your eyes open for that as we approach launch, assuming I don’t get distracted by hey that bird over there’s pretty damn big. Don’t normally see birds that size over here. Er, what was I talking about?


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  • Kiroptus

    Well its a good start for such a daunting title for beginners. Its highly necessary to highlight small parts of the game like last hitting, pushing, lanning, etc… since getting all at the same time is pretty overwhelming.

    I never had trouble explaining or even playing with total newbies, but other people’s poison were always the biggest detriment for these players, no matter how much I tried to explain and to keep them close to me so I could protect them, the curses for all direction from the other 3 players were just too much.

    Also I hope the new map tutorials also mean that we may have a cool Dota 2 map editor, like WC3 had, so we can have some cool scenarios, we already have Pudge Wars, hopefully more can be created, maybe an Angel-Arena alike map or an Enfos-Team Survival from WC3 customs, the map and tutorials have beautiful assets waiting to be used so hopefully we can get an Editor later in the develpment since Valve is very mod friendly.

    But not before all heroes are ported! WHERE IS MY PIT LORD!

  • fsj

    I’ve found that DotA (MOBA’s) isn’t that hard to explain…but learning it is on another level from anything else. LEarning the interactions and synergies between all the heroes, then learning which items work best for each situation with each hero. Wow there is a lot to learn. It jsut takes time if you can weather the abuse for the first few weeks ;).

    You can have Pit Lord when I get Legion Commander ;).

    • Kiroptus

      Aw thats not fair, LC is probably the next hero! So many assets about the hero are pretty much ready! All my beloved Pit Lord has is some artworks (although pretty cool artworks)

      And LC is a female now, which is awesome imo, so many people have asked for a Str-female hero for so long, he will be kind of brutish-bossy Brienne from Game of Thrones. I would predict she will be added into the game in the comming weeks. Its either her or Abaddon. Who we are getting after those 2 is a mystery, unless Valve was hidding the assets from the patch files so Cyborgmatt.com doesnt reveal them, kinda like what happened to Timbersaw, we had nothing about him in the patches and suddenly he was released.